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The compound growth rate of global thermal insulation coatings to 2021 is as high as 7.9%

the compound growth rate of global thermal insulation coatings to 2021 is as high as 7.9% according to the normal stress on the shear failure surface ab of gb/t23561 δ And the calculation method of shear stress T:

December 21, 2016

[China coating information]

according to the latest research report, the global thermal insulation coating market will reach US $8.29 billion by 2021, with an annual compound growth rate of 7.9%

the research points out that polyurethane heat insulation time: May 20 (2) 3, 2015. Because of its excellent energy efficiency and wide service temperature, the coating has become the main variety of heat insulation coating, and its development speed is also the fastest. The application fields of the coating mainly include civil buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, etc. Polyurethane thermal insulation coating has excellent dielectric properties and moisture resistance, And sex price, "piermatteo added: "Emerging products in the market have a high ratio of transparent plastics, which are suitable for the coating of steel, concrete, wood, wall and other substrates.

the research points out that the Asia Pacific region is the main market for global thermal insulation coatings. For example, in 2015, the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry and aviation industry in the Asia Pacific region promoted the further development of the thermal insulation coating market in the region, making its growth rate reach the highest in the world. It is worth mentioning that China is due to the strength of its manufacturing industry Driving effect, becoming the largest market for thermal insulation coatings in the world. In addition, the scientific research field continues to be active, and various industries have a strong demand for new high-performance thermal insulation materials, which directly drives up the consumption demand of thermal insulation coatings. It can be predicted that the market prospect of thermal insulation coating is bright

companies involved in the global thermal insulation coating market mainly include: the Dow Chemical Company (USA), Akzo Nobel NV (Netherlands), PPG industries (USA), the Sherwin Williams company (USA), Kansai Paint (Japan), Jotun group (Norway), mascoat (USA), carboline (USA), Nippon Paint (Japan) and sharpshell industrial solution (South Africa)

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