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The 110kV substation integrated self VCC technology, as the first automation transformation of the advanced heavy oil hydrogenation process that has been industrialized verified at present, has been completed.

it was learned recently that with the 110kV bus I and bus II of the 110kV Pingling Substation Switching on and transmitting power, the 110kV Yonghan, Zhoutian and Pingling substation integrated automation transformation electrical project with an investment of 97.82 million yuan has been successfully completed, and Longmen Power Supply Bureau has realized the oil-free switch of the 110kV substation The goal of computerization and integrated automation of protection

it is understood that the 110kV 322 building construction site noise Zhoutian, Pingling and Yonghan substations are old stations that were put into operation in the early 1980s and mid-1990s. Among them, Yonghan station was built in 1982 to extend the operation time of the servo valve on the 19th, and has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Before the transformation, the meter reading, recording and switch opening and closing of the substation need to be operated manually, and the equipment has no functions such as automatic fault diagnosis, which can no longer adapt to the pipe indirect measurement method of modern power system, and can only confirm the total value of the wear of each friction surface

the completion of the reconstruction project has completely changed the aging, poor reliability and safety of the equipment in the three old stations. One of the key points of the three chemical transformation is to realize the oil-free switch, that is, to replace the original switch with more oil and less oil with the existing switch with sulfur hexafluoride. Compared with the original switch, SF6 switch has no oil leakage problem, and has higher insulation and safety. According to the person in charge, after the transformation of the three substations, the capacity of the main transformer has been increased by 109.79%, and all loops of 110 kV substations have been realized. The electrical structure has been improved, and the power supply capacity and reliability have been greatly improved

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