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The work submission of "2007 Delta Cup International Solar Architecture Design Competition" was successfully completed

the work submission of "2007 Delta Cup International Solar Architecture Design Competition" sponsored by delta environment and education foundation was officially completed on March 12, 2007. The Organizing Committee received 201 entries from home and abroad, including 44 foreign entries, accounting for 22% of the total number of entries. These works involve 16 countries from four continents, including China, the United States, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Iran, Russia and Egypt, which fully reflects the attention of the domestic and foreign construction industry to solar buildings and their enthusiasm to participate in this international design competition

the title of this competition is divided into two types: low-rise solar buildings and multi-storey solar buildings, with each wheel reduced by 3kg. Due to the limitations of site and building form, renewable energy technology is easy to design and implement in low-rise buildings, so the works of low-rise solar building design received are obviously more than multi-storey buildings. However, in terms of the current development of Chinese cities, the demand for multi-storey and even high-rise buildings is far greater than that of low-rise buildings. How to comprehensively utilize solar energy technology in such buildings and combine it with building technology is an urgent problem to be solved at present. It is hoped that this competition can attract the full attention of insiders

the original submission method of works in this competition was upload directly, but due to the large number of works in this competition, the capacity of each work is large, especially foreign works and domestic works uploaded through campus encountered many difficulties due to network compatibility problems in the process of uploading; In addition, the submission cycle of works overlaps with the Spring Festival and the holiday cycle of colleges and universities, objectively causing congestion in the upload of entries in the final stage, and many works have to be directly sent to the e-mail designated by the organizing committee. The organizing committee apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the participants, and such network management problems will be improved in the future work

according to the original plan, the follow-up activities such as evaluation, award and exhibition of the competition are arranged as follows:

1. Professional evaluation

printing, filing and formal examination of works from March 12 to 31, 2007; From April 1 to May 18, the evaluation team composed of domestic experts made a preliminary evaluation and selected 60 to 80 final works from the submitted works to enter the final evaluation; In late May, an evaluation team composed of international experts made the final evaluation and determined the winning works

2. Publish excellent works and make models

from June to August 2007, sort out and publish the selected award-winning works, and select some award-winning works to make models

3. Participating in the "2007 World Solar Energy Conference" and Public Review

in September 2007, a free excellent works exhibition was held at the "200 Haiba battery bankruptcy marks that the great leap forward expansion line of China's power battery is not feasible. 7 world solar energy Conference", which was open to the public, and the delegates and audience voted to select the 10 most popular works. At the same time, the awarding ceremony of professional awards and public awards will be held

in order to spread the concept of solar architecture more widely, the organizing committee decided to take advantage of the opportunity of international experts to participate in the final evaluation in China to hold a free "international solar architecture technology exchange meeting" in Beijing, and invited domestic and foreign experts to introduce the research and construction experience of solar architecture at home and abroad to students majoring in architecture and technicians in the design industry and real estate development industry. Guide Chinese architectural designers and product R & D personnel to actively innovate; Train future architects and equipment engineers to establish the concept of building solar buildings, and start from the leading "design" of buildings, so as to lay a technical foundation for the promotion and application of clean energy in China

about "World Solar Energy Conference"

"World Solar Energy Conference" is a large-scale academic exchange activity organized by the international solar energy society every two years since 1953. Each session is held in different countries, and is called the "Olympic Games" in the solar industry. The meeting is mainly for the members (countries) of the international solar energy society to plan, exchange and discuss issues such as R & D, industry, policy, education and training in renewable energy fields such as solar energy

the 2007 World Solar Energy Conference and international solar energy exhibition will be held in China from September 18 to 21, 2007. The conference will be co sponsored by the international solar energy society and the China Renewable Energy Society, including solar architecture, solar water heater technology, solar thermal utilization system, energy storage, resource assessment, photovoltaic technology, indirect solar technology, solar energy and society, solar city and other topics

about the "international solar energy building design competition"

"China solar energy building design competition" has achieved good repercussions at home and abroad since the first demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials for integrated circuits was held in 2005. The 2007 competition was organized by the National Research Center for housing and residential environment engineering technology, the solar energy building professional committee of China Renewable Energy Society, and named by delta group, and has been approved as the main activity of the "2007 World Solar conference"

about delta environment and Education Foundation

delta environment and Education Foundation (hereinafter referred to as delta Foundation) was established in 2002 with the donation of Mr. zhengchonghua, founder of Delta Electronics Group, a world-class power management and electronic product component manufacturer. It is registered in the United States with the purpose of "promoting environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation and education promotion, and promoting the sustainable development of human society". Since its establishment, the foundation has successively sponsored the scientific research activities of many well-known universities in the United States, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Case Western Reserve University, and actively carried out support for the scientific research and development of power electronics and the promotion of environmental protection and energy conservation in China, so as to respond to and promote the concept of sustainable development, maintain and improve the quality of life of the public while economic growth

Founded in 1971, Delta Electronics Group is an international company with global diversified operations. Delta Electronics has been committed to the research and development of new products and technologies. At present, it is the world's first manufacturer of switching power supply (switching power supply). Its products span high-tech fields such as power system, green energy (solar energy products), industrial automation (electromechanical control), network video, parts and components. For more details, please visit the delta environment and Education Foundation Website:

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