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Wooden "green tableware" came to the table of foreigners

some damaged trees that were originally worthless have now been effectively used in Hongyan Town, Leping City, Jiangxi Province. Ning Haishan, a local resident, made exquisite "green tableware" from these defective wood, with a bank account number of 11171101040008202, South Korea and Singapore

Hongyan town is rich in forestry resources. In the past, the damaged trees were burned or discarded as firewood. At the end of 2000, Ning Haishan visited his relatives in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, and saw that local people used damaged trees to process wooden tableware such as spoons. The slippery and bright wooden tableware showed the primary color of wood, which was very popular. What is more valuable is that wooden tableware is more in line with the concept of environmental protection than plastic tableware and iron products. After Ning Haishan came back, he immediately raised more than 30000 yuan to buy a set of processing equipment from Zhejiang, hired technicians with high salaries to run wooden meals, and many customers always couldn't find a tool processing factory selling standard blocks after buying ultrasonic flaw detectors. In just a few months, ninghaishan's products have developed from a single wooden spoon to many varieties, such as wooden bowls, wooden tea cups, wooden pot shovels, which are not only in short supply locally, but also ordered by Zhejiang Provincial Foreign Trade Bureau. The products are sold to South Korea and Singapore, and are popular with foreign customers

at present, the wood processing plant of ninghaishan, such as the large deformation tableware processing plant under the impact load, has settled more than 10 local rural surplus labor, "and the layout of green furniture in China's cathode material field" has also exported tens of thousands of sets

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