The hottest word of Ren Zhengfei is stupid

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Ren Zhengfei: Huawei has the word "stupid"

If an enterprise makes lazy people, mediocre people, people who occupy positions and do not act, and people whose manufacturing work does not create value happy and happy, this enterprise is not far from death! I sincerely admire Ren Zhengfei's words. Then, after more than 20 years of development, Huawei has grown into a world-class large company and shines brightly on the international stage


if an enterprise makes lazy people, mediocre people, people who occupy positions and do not act, and people whose manufacturing work does not create value happy and happy, this enterprise is not far from death! I sincerely admire Ren Zhengfei's words. Then, after more than 20 years of development, Huawei has grown into a world-class large company and shines brightly on the international stage

people can't help asking: what is the philosophy and driving force behind Huawei's commercial success? How will Huawei, which has a wolf culture, be prepared for danger in times of peace in the future

about the basic law of Huawei: No, only the direction

question: Hello, president Ren! I haven't seen you for twoorthree years since I last drank tea and chatted in Beijing Colorful Yunnan. Your physical and mental state looks better than last time. I'm really happy for you! This time, I led Tsinghua EMBA entrepreneurs to Huawei to do Huawei's best practice cases. Chinese enterprises are talented enough to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery research and teaching. It's great to see you. Thank president Ren for arranging the reception personally

Ren Zhengfei: don't mention it, Mr. Peng. We are old friends. When Huawei was in a period of chaos and confusion, the two things you and the professor team of the National People's Congress did were beneficial to the development of Huawei, First, you have compiled a large white paper on the management system of European and American enterprises (Note: modern management system? Procedures with a cumulative decline of 60 yuan/ton in June? Complete collection of examples of methods, eight volumes, a total of more than 10 million words, published by the National People's Congress press in 1993, and edited by questions), which provides a basic reference model for Chinese enterprises to carry out system construction; Second, we jointly created the basic law of Huawei

although the concept of the basic law is a little applied to enterprises, and the basic law is basically impossible, basically impossible, the basic law has helped Huawei clarify the direction, reach a consensus, unify the thinking, unite the hearts of the people, and make Huawei employees focus on the goal, work hard and benefit

question: Yes! The greatest luck of our professors in this life is that they met Huawei 20 years ago and met your trust in us, which enabled us to participate in the drafting of the basic law of Huawei. It has changed our lives and benefited us all our lives. Now we call ourselves an amateur propaganda team for the management ideas and best practices of Huawei, and spread the best practices of Huawei management everywhere. Huawei's contribution to China and the world is not only GDP, What's more, Huawei's management reform ideas and best practices provide a learning benchmark for the growth and development of many enterprises! I think Huawei's success has set an example and given confidence for Chinese enterprises to become globally competitive enterprises by relying on technological innovation and talent drive instead of relying on the advantages of low labor costs. Huawei has changed the image of Chinese enterprises in the world. Many of your management ideas and Huawei's successful best practices will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the growth and development of Chinese enterprises and even enterprises in the world

talk about strategic success: Huawei has no secret, just one word stupid

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei is not so great, and there is no secret of Huawei's success! Why is Huawei successful? Huawei is the most typical Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is stupid! Stupid! Forrest Gump's spirit is to have a firm goal, dedication, dedication and hard work! Huawei is Forrest Gump. It knows the direction, works towards the goal, and works foolishly, pays foolishly, and invests foolishly

Huawei chose the communication industry. This industry is relatively narrow, the market scale is not so large, and it is facing world-class competitors. We have no choice but to focus, and we can only focus on the allocation of resources to move in one direction. It is like the army attacking the city, choosing the weak link. The sharp knife team first tore a hole in the city wall, and the troops on both wings swarmed up, quickly opening the hole from both sides, and thousands of troops pressed past, Constantly sweep away the obstacles in the progress, and finally form an irresistible trend, flushing the gap into a road, and the city is yours. This is the foolishness of Huawei people

Huawei has come to this day because Huawei people are stupid and willing to pay. We have gone from millions to nearly 400 billion today. How many hardships have we experienced! How many bitter tears have you shed! This is the life of Huawei people. Huawei people pay more than others. They pay for the holidays and the youth and health of Huawei people, relying on the long-term hard work that ordinary people cannot understand and endure

Huawei is not a listed company and is not constrained and kidnapped by the capital market. We can invest foolishly in our ideals and goals, so we can reject shortsightedness and opportunism. We only grasp strategic opportunities, and we can give up non strategic opportunities or short-term money making opportunities. This is beyond the reach of capital and shareholders. Only idealists can do it. We dare to increase technology, talent The long-term investment in management system and customer service is targeted, and it is willing to invest continuously and long-term for the future goal (Note: the R & D investment that exceeds 10% of the sales revenue every year is mainly used to test nylon, plastic, leather, metal, rubber, woven fabric and other materials. The investment in management consulting is more than 30 billion, and the tax payment is more than 190 billion)

Huawei has avoided short-term behavior, endured loneliness, hardships and tribulations. For more than 20 years, Huawei has only crawled and crawled, completely ignoring the flowers on both sides of the road. It is not affected by the so-called Internet outlet, returns to the essence of business spirit, and walks its own path with firm confidence

question: Yes, the stupidity of Huawei people is a kind of intelligent stupidity that surpasses the general wisdom. It is a rare persistence, persistence and dedication. Many enterprises are smart, often treat customers as fools, and think that customers can be fooled, cheated, fooled for a long time, and finally abandoned by the market and customers

Huawei treats itself as a fool and does not fool customers. It firmly believes that as long as you sincerely create value for customers, customers will eventually choose you wisely. Huawei is not really stupid, but the highest survival wisdom based on customer value! It is a foolish work with firm goals and pursuits, a foolish effort that adheres to customer-centered and striver oriented, a foolish investment based on strategy and long-term development, and ultimately the enterprise and employees will get foolish returns. This is Huawei's four fools

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei can earn tens of billions by seizing any opportunity, but if we are trapped by short-term interests, we will waste time on non strategic opportunities and lose strategic opportunities. Therefore, Huawei's stupidity is also reflected in not being influenced by short-term money making opportunities, not being eager for quick success and instant benefits, not being moved by the growth of a single scale, daring to give up non strategic opportunities and daring to bet on the future

gambling is a strategic vision, which is to focus on large strategic opportunities. If you are right, you will focus on allocating resources and stress on key success factors. Over the years, Huawei has only done one thing: adhere to the pipeline strategy and integrate businesses and industries through pipelines. The communication network is the Pacific Ocean, the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, the enterprise is the urban water pipe, and the terminal is the faucet. Along this integration, all are pipelines, which are useful to Huawei

of course, pipelines are not limited to telecommunications. Pipelines will be as thick as the Pacific Ocean. We can achieve the flow energy level of the Pacific Ocean. In the future, IOT, intelligent manufacturing and big data will bring massive demand for pipeline infrastructure. What we need is to provide connections, which is a huge market

talk about personal: I am an ordinary person, only know a bucket of paddle paste

Ren Zhengfei: personally, I'm not great. I'm an ordinary person. I don't know anything and I don't know anything

we can only rely on people who are more professional and capable than me. We don't know management, so we spend money to ask IBM to help us with process and supply chain management, and hay to do the position evaluation system and qualification system. My personal ability is not enough, and I can only rely on team wisdom to make decisions, and manage people by mechanisms and systems. Therefore, we implement the rotating CEO, and form an organizational decision-making system with moderate democracy and moderate centralization of power; I am not clear about the specific business. I am increasingly far away from business, or even management, and become a person with increasingly developed mind and limbs. In the future, the peak working temperature of 250 ℃ will become a reality; I don't know many things happened in Huawei. I learned that so many things happened in Huawei after reading the book "will Huawei be the next to fall" written by Tian Tao and Wu Chunbo

I don't know anything. I just know a bucket of paddle paste. Pour this paste on Huawei people, glue more than 100000 people together, and work hard in a big direction

question: you are always so low-key and pragmatic, which also puts a layer of mystery on Huawei and you, and makes the hue of Huawei appear a little gray. If you want to understand Huawei, it is difficult to really understand Huawei. If you want to learn Huawei, you can't learn Huawei. Maybe it is this gray that makes Huawei always full of vitality and innovation. It is the grayscale that enables Huawei to grasp the internal and external relations and contradictions in the complex Chinese business environment, advance and retreat freely, and move forward towards the set goals. In a sense, grayscale management and grayscale leadership are a major management innovation and feature of Huawei

you say you don't understand anything. In fact, you know human nature best, understand the essence of human nature, understand people's real needs and desires, and manage human nature and desires through mechanisms and systems. You are not so much a great entrepreneur as a master of human nature. Huawei's mechanism and system design are often understood as assumptions about the evil of human nature, based on the control of the evil side of human nature, but many of your management thoughts and behaviors reflect the promotion of human goodness, which looks like evil and is really good. I think you are a great good person in your heart. If I want to write a series of studies on Chinese entrepreneurs in the future, one of the titles of my books will be: Ren Zhengfei, the master of human nature, Ren Zhengfei, the great good

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