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Summary of work of Ningbo paint and coating industry association in the first quarter of 2009

summary of work of Ningbo paint and coating industry association in the first quarter of 2009

March 30, 2009

[China paint information] I. The main line of work in the first quarter of 2009 is to focus on "building confidence, grasping innovation, adjusting structure, improving level, achieving good results, and welcoming the sixtieth anniversary". The first is to effectively hold the annual meeting (working meeting) and Development Forum on February 28. Leaders of the Municipal Economic Commission, the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Civil Administration Bureau, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Association for science and technology and some brother associations were invited to attend the meeting. In the morning, I listened to the speeches of chief engineer Chen Chenghai, chief engineer Fang Xiaohong, director Chen Zhiwei and director Shen Wei, reviewed the chairman's work report and the financial statement of the information report of the steel union, and presented awards to 19 advanced enterprises and 19 advanced individuals. Five companies including world famous, Bailian, Baolijia, sunrise and bardful made multimedia product demonstrations at the meeting. Zhu Yushu, the chief editor of coating industry, made a keynote speech on the "national coating situation in 2009 and suggestions for Ningbo coating after finding the accuracy of 20 experimental machines", sharing the latest information and targeted development suggestions to the delegates. In the afternoon, we will communicate in pieces. Hu Ningxian senior engineer gave a speech to powder coating enterprises, and Li Minfeng senior engineer participated in the exchange of solvent based coating enterprises

second, the work of serving the pilot enterprises has been started; Factory association cooperation is already in progress; The innovative service platform has been prepared; Strategic cooperation with coating industry and Information Center has begun; The communication with the Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the deputy director of the Planning Bureau has put forward the demands of the industry; The annual inspection and assessment of the association are carried out normally; "2008 Ningbo regional paint analysis report" has been prepared; The topic article "building a scientific and technological innovation platform to improve the anti risk ability of small and medium-sized enterprises" was basically completed; The preparation of the paper "Application of water-based tunnel fire retardant coating" has been basically completed; "The shadow of economic recession in China's powder coating industry under the shadow of economic recession" has been completed. Plus other activities, the work was busy in the first quarter

III. due to the complex operation of many instruments in the industry, the Federation also carried out a lot of work in the first quarter, which is of positive significance to the development of the industry. Temperature gradient ≤ 5 ℃); 6) The surface temperature of the furnace shell is ≤ room temperature + 50 ℃. First, apply for a free library card for the grass-roots trade union; Second, plan the skill competition of laboratory technicians; Third, medical insurance for employees; Fourth, the standardization of trade union work itself

in the fourth and second quarter, the focus is to do a good job in training, investigation, statistical analysis, labor competition, the start of innovation platform, etc. Provide enterprises with more appropriate, practical and effective services and resources

Ningbo coating and coating industry association

March 31, 2009

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