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For 20 years, gailiya has been deeply involved in the research and development and manufacturing of CNC machine tools: impact on the world's first-class female experts

original title: [song of patriotic striver workers] impact on the world's first-class female experts

have been working for 20 years, have been deeply involved in the research and development and manufacturing of CNC (intelligent) machine tools, presided over and participated in four major national special projects of CNC machine tools, and obtained 22 leading utility model patents With three invention patents, she has become an important leader in the industry "representing China's first-class and impacting the world's first-class"...

she is gailiya, the i5t5 product line manager of Younis Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenyang machine tool group. At the age of 43, she is a senior engineer. She has been rated as a special model worker in Shenyang and a model worker in Liaoning Province. This year, she won the National May Day Labor Medal

the first CNC lathe of the design company is just a beginner.

in 1999, gailia university graduated and joined the machine tool Research Institute of Shenyang machine tool group company. This year, the company just changed from manufacturing ordinary machine tools to CNC machine tools. Gailiya developed the cks6132 CNC machine tool design with a senior engineer. In 2000, the engineer was ill and hospitalized, and the rescheduling may not catch up with the delivery time. Wang Ying, then director of Shenyang Machine Tool Research Institute, asked gailiya, "do you dare to do it?" Gailia agreed without thinking about it

after many years, she couldn't help laughing when she talked about it with her. "Just one year after graduation from University, I dare to accept the first scientific research project of the company. Do you think I'm a little 'Tiger'?"

at that time, the Institute had only fiveorsix computers that could be used for product design. Young people like her had almost no chance to use them during the day. She waited for others to use them after work, and it was common for her to work all night

the design was made, and the machine tool was assembled according to the design, but there were a lot of problems in the test run: spindle vibration, tool rest not locking, and water leakage prevention. The assembler called gailia impolitely, "come and have a look!" The water leaked from the machine tool flowed all over the ground, and without saying a word, she went under the lathe to find the leakage point. The leakage point was found, the protective device was redesigned, and the problem was solved. Then it solves the problems of spindle vibration and tool rest not locking

in August 2000, the goods were delivered on time. This is the first high-end CNC lathe of the machine tool company, creating the road of commercialization of domestic CNC machine tools. Soon, she designed 6145, 6154 and 6125 series products, which became the company's main products after mass production

"you don't know how good your machine tools are"

in 2007, one of the world's top 500 enterprises - German Schaeffler company needed a batch of high-end CNC machine tools to build a factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, and Shenyang machine tool company came into their sight

the German company has research and development capabilities, and they have come up with the required machine tool design scheme. Gailiya served as the leader of the negotiation team of Shenyang machine tool company. After careful research, she and her team believed that the German design did not fully meet the requirements of producing bearing products in China, involving the actual conditions such as climate and materials. Therefore, she led the team to come up with a new design, which was better than the original design in terms of productivity, torque, accuracy and so on

Germany adopted the design, but also put forward very strict standards, requiring high efficiency, high precision and high rigidity. The runout of one meter diameter of the main shaft is not more than 2 microns, and the single pulse is not more than 1 micron. Gailiya said that these "three high" requirements are often contradictory in the realization of machine tool performance. Too fast speed may affect accuracy, and strong rigidity often affects speed. It was very difficult, but gailiya did not retreat. In August 2007, she signed a contract with Germany on behalf of the company

in this year, gailia, 33, became pregnant, and her pregnancy reaction was particularly strong. Considering that this contract does not undertake intellectual economy, it can only bring considerable economic benefits to the company, and it is a major breakthrough in design technology. She knows that she must persevere and complete the task with high quality and quantity. Organize technicians to conduct simulation model test on the machine tool with self-made blank, and compare the cutting results. The technical scheme was repeatedly revised 11 times for the machine tool structure, parameter setting, processing technology, cutting effect, performance, accuracy and other links

the due date of production is four days away. Gailiya wrote out the details of design, processing, manufacturing, assembly and so on, handed them to her colleagues, and then left the scene. After giving birth to a child, she participated in equipment commissioning before taking maternity leave

it is finally applicable to the disk contact test. The machine tool provided to German Party exceeds the design requirements: it realizes the machining of precision large bearings, replacing grinding with turning, and improves the machining efficiency by 4-5 times; The German side requires a single pulse of 1 micron, which actually reaches 0.5 micron (1% of hair), and many technical indicators are at the world leading level. The German expert said to gailia in stiff Chinese, "Gai, you don't know how good your machine tool is!"

this enterprise alone has successively ordered hundreds of machine tools from Shenyang machine tool company

self designed intelligent machine tools replaced imports

at the end of 2015, gailia was on a business trip in Shanghai. In Shanghai, a colleague from the technical service department of the zigzag stress experiment of the equipped cantilever zigzag Charpy sample told her that the enterprise that bought the i5t5 intelligent machine tool asked for a return. Gailiya followed the colleague to the enterprise to carefully understand the user needs and the problems of machine tools. Originally, the shaft processed by this enterprise is thin and long, and the shaft on both sides of the machine tool chuck is bent, which is difficult to process. But Japanese machine tools can process such slender shafts

gailiya agreed to return the machine tool to the factory, but told the boss of the enterprise that they must be able to produce intelligent machine tools that meet their requirements

in April 2016, through the cooperation with i5 Shanghai Research Institute, the company launched the first intelligent tailstock machine tool, which solved the bending problem of slender shafts during processing. Its performance is exactly the same as that of similar Japanese machine tools, but the price is only half. In the past, turbochargers, rotor wheels, motor shafts and other difficult to machine parts needed to be processed by imported equipment, and the successful development of i5t5 intelligent tailstock machine tool has realized the replacement of imports, and has also become the main product of Shenyang machine tool company

in 2014, in order to make the products produced more meet the requirements of users and provide more timely and thoughtful services, the company set up eight regions across the country and sent excellent technicians to work in the regions. Gailiya was responsible for the technical development and services in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong Provinces

this year, gailia's children were only 6 years old. "When the child was ill and missed his mother, they cried together. After running from one province to another, they felt very close to their colleagues. As soon as they left, they felt very lonely and couldn't help crying." Gailiya wants to be strong, can eat, especially the modified and high value-added use of engineering plastics for vehicles, and is unwilling to shed tears in front of outsiders. After a year abroad, she became the top seller. (Gu Wei, Liu Xu)

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