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Truth tip: "Tetra Pak pillow" paper packaged milk is safer

recently, when consumers reached the peak e of the anti stretching curve, the normal temperature milk packaged in plastic bags they bought had a plastic smell when drinking. Why? Relevant experts explained that the total growth rate of all kinds of transmissions is about 7%. Due to the strong adsorption smell of milk and the impact of high temperature on plastics, milk is easy to smell. Although such milk is not necessarily spoiled, it does affect the taste

in fact, another common paper bag milk called Tetra Pak pillow does not have the problem of cross flavor, and consumers can buy it with more confidence. Tetra Pak pillow is a kind of aseptic environmental protection paper packaging invented by Tetra Pak company in Sweden. It is named for its shape like a pillow. The milk packed with Tetra Pak pillow is ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, that is, the raw milk is instantly sterilized with high temperature in 4 seconds, killing all harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the milk. This instantaneous sterilization method ensures the nutrition and taste of the milk, and does not add any preservatives. Even in summer, there is no need to put it in the refrigerator, and it can be stored at room temperature for 45 days

milk is really a particularly delicate and nutritious food. If you expose a glass of milk in summer, bacteria in the air will quickly invade, and the sun will continue to input energy to the reproduction of bacteria, so after a few minutes, the nutrition in milk begins to lose, and the left and right milk will be sour in three hours, and it will completely deteriorate at the end of the day. The secret of Tetra Pak pillow to protect milk lies in its untimely addition of a pad iron under the base. It is actually composed of multiple layers of materials, especially the aluminum foil in it completely blocks the light, so that the milk can be completely protected under the condition of completely isolating the air and not seeing the sun

in May, 2013, the author accompanied the Henan delegation to the United States to visit the Pittsburgh technology center of Alcoa. Tetra Pak pillows are packed firmly, which are not easy to break and will not smell during transportation. Someone once did an experiment. An adult weighing more than 100 kilograms stood on Tetra Pak pillows with his feet, and the packaging was still strong and undamaged. Strangely, such a strong Tetra Pak pillow feels like paper, but it only needs to be gently torn when drinking. It will never be bitten with teeth like a plastic bag, and it is particularly easy to bite too hard and spill half a bag of milk

in midsummer, food safety is a top priority, especially for dairy products that are inherently fragile. It is not enough to recognize big companies and brands when shopping. Special attention should be paid to buying Tetra Pak pillow milk

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