The hottest Tsinghua doctoral student was dropped

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"Tsinghua doctoral students were dropped out" has made Yan Jin and Yan Chu the normal state of university management

recently, the school of Marxism of Tsinghua University issued two notice Announcements: "opinions on the proposed withdrawal of XX Ma" and "opinions on the proposed withdrawal of XX Ma". According to the announcement, Tsinghua University plans to withdraw the two doctoral students. Because it is difficult to contact the students, this notice cannot be served directly, so it is hereby announced

as soon as the news came out, it attracted countless sighs: "it's a pity to be dropped out.". At the same time, there was more recognition: "strict in and strict out! Great praise!" According to the announcement, Ma's withdrawal treatment opinion is "not asking for leave or asking for leave is not approved, and he has not participated in the teaching and research activities specified by the school for two consecutive weeks or more". The handling opinion of Xu's dropout is that "he didn't ask for leave or didn't get approval for asking for leave, and didn't register two weeks overdue". It can be seen that the university plans to withdraw these two doctoral students according to the "Regulations on the administration of graduate student status of Tsinghua University", which is the practice of Tsinghua University to strictly enforce the school spirit and highlight the spirit of strict scholarship

universities are not for mixing. "Strict entry and strict exit" is the general trend. Chen Baosheng, Minister of education, once said that the phenomenon of "desperate middle schools and universities with fast amorphous plastic ≤ 0.3% tension joy" in Chinese education should be reversed. In September, 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the "notice on paying close attention to the implementation of the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Conference for colleges and universities in the new era", requiring to strengthen the assessment of the learning process, increase the proportion of the process assessment score in the total curriculum score, strictly enforce the examination discipline, strictly control the graduation exit, cancel the "clear examination", strictly enter and exit

what we are happy to see is that "strict in and strict out" is becoming the normal management of colleges and universities for heat treatment of forgings. In 2018, Shenzhen University was expelled from 132 doctoral and master's students, 74% of which were unable to graduate because they did not write their dissertations or their dissertations did not meet the requirements for applying for a degree; In March this year, Hefei University of technology dropped out 46 graduate students. The former was expensive because they did not complete their studies within the maximum learning years specified by the University, or did not register beyond the maximum learning years specified by the university without justifiable reasons, and left the university without asking for leave and did not participate in the teaching activities of the University for two consecutive weeks; 72 researchers from Guangzhou University did not complete their studies within the maximum learning years specified by the University and were dropped out...

someone once lamented: "The college life of Chinese college students is too easy. In the United States, with the increase of age, the learning task is also gradually increased, and college is the hardest; while some Chinese children come to college, but they suddenly relax. The four years they relax are exactly the four years that American College Students are the most diligent and accumulate the golden energy of life." It is undeniable that "it's easy to go to college" was once a mantra of many people. However, college is supposed to be the best time to accumulate the golden energy of life. What a pity to "fool around" with such time

only by vigorously changing the mode of "strict entry and wide exit" and improving the reasonable elimination mechanism can students be forced to study, ensure the quality of education and cultivate more qualified talents. This is responsible for talents, society and the country. Now, the announcement has been made. No matter what the result is, Tsinghua University, as a first-class university in China, has shown that the attitude of "strict entry and strict exit" is enough to set an example for other colleges and universities, and it is enough to sound an alarm for guangdaxi: happiness is achieved through struggle, and you can't graduate without hard work

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