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Trump's energy market inventory in the five months since he took office in the White House: are coal, oil, gas, wind and light all winners

Trump's entry into the main reason is that the "physical examination" of the thermometer is particularly important. It has been five months since the White House. How is the Jinan testing machine used in the United States? How does the energy market perform? Bloomberg New Energy Finance (bnef) produced such four pictures -

president trump untied the coal industry. Coal production rebounded sharply, Mine "our utilization of technical experts has not only done projects in the laboratory, but also the number of workers has increased slightly.

the number of U.S. drilling platform starts has reached the highest point since April 2015, driving the continuous growth of U.S. crude oil production, while U.S. crude oil exports continue to increase. The market expects that excess supply of crude oil will become the norm, and the price of wit crude oil futures will fall to $43/barrel.

# natural gas

cheniere energy, the United States." The company's LNG export terminal was put into operation in Louisiana and began to export to Mexico, China, Japan, Turkey and Spain. The trump administration has a large itinerary, and foreign governments also actively encourage the export of liquefied natural gas

# renewable energy

although the trump administration withdrew the clean power plan, renewable energy power generation continued to grow rapidly. In March 2017, wind power and photovoltaic power generation accounted for 10% of the power generation in the United States for the first time

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