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TSC has regained its momentum in the intelligent petrochemical industry. According to the data recently released by the economic operation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission, as of August this year, China's crude oil output was nearly 122.93 million tons, and the imported crude oil was 95.8 million tons. The profit of China's petrochemical industry was nearly 300billion yuan. The petrochemical industry has become a major economic pillar of China

for upstream oil companies, it is very important to continuously increase reserve reserves and reduce operating costs. Similarly, it is also a huge challenge for the effective management of current oilfield resources, especially when the development of technology cannot keep up with the needs of any enterprise or business, the new optimized production scheme will play a very important role. For example, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to discover new oil fields, and the oil fields are more and more remote. Therefore, many famous oil and gas companies have adopted many new and effective methods to optimize production in order to solve these "opportunity bottlenecks", Including:

● redesign the workflow

● redesign the division of institutional responsibilities

● better analyze the data of the oil field

many effective methods have been successfully realized through technological progress, making the company change its business strategy from the passive stress of operation management to the active attack of establishing an intelligent oil field when conducting the tensile test of steel wire rope. In the early stage, it is necessary to ensure that the oil pump is under the condition of no vibration. The oil field data and interpretation obtained in the early stage can really improve the oil field production by making correct decisions; The dynamic analysis of existing oil wells and the acquisition of oil field production trend analysis data, and applied to prediction analysis and appropriate decision-making, can improve its production and reduce operating costs; Integrating oilfield data acquisition system and applying it to oilfield management and financial system can accelerate dynamic analysis and improvement measures. On this basis, the concept of intelligent Petrochemical has quickly attracted people's attention

in order to improve the relatively old data communication system in the traditional petrochemical industry, a petrochemical branch of Sinopec has built a new industrial Ethernet communication network with reliable performance and powerful functions by using the series switches of zhuoyuangxin TSC. Among them, TSC carat1008fc is a plug and play Industrial Ethernet switch launched by Zhuoyue Xintong. It supports guide rail installation. Connecting through plug and play can save startup time and ensure the long-term trouble free and reliable operation of industrial automation communication system. The TSC carat2024-a Industrial Ethernet switch adopts the store and forward switching mode, and the 9.6g backplane bandwidth can provide full line speed non blocking forwarding, completely eliminating the network bottleneck. It supports automatic negotiation of ports and automatic learning of network structure. Each port supports full duplex and half duplex modes at the same time, supports rack and arbitrary plane installation, and has a wide working temperature of - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, so as to ensure its good work in harsh industrial sites. With its successful application experience in the petrochemical industry, TSC has helped the petrochemical company's network transformation project. It is believed that perfect communication solutions and high-quality technical services will certainly help the petrochemical company grow rapidly in the new round of development tide

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