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Truth 2018 - the "35

truth 2018 - the" ton "market of the annual heavy interpretation series of the truck crane market

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has not recovered from the sadness of the elimination of the" escape plan "of" I am a singer ", and witnessed the departure of another excellent singer in the new issue. The market competition, which is different from a win or lose competition, is more three-dimensional and richer. Today, we will analyze, summarize and prospect the domestic ton truck crane market in depth, and discover the connotation of different brands like tasting a song


a gold mine that can not be ignored and has potential to be tapped

in 2018, although the sales volume of tonnage models accounted for less than 8% of the truck crane market, it is still more than 2500 units. The profit level of its manufacturers and the value creation at the user level can not be overemphasized to describe it as a gold mine that can not be ignored and has potential to be tapped. The reason for this evaluation is based on the objective fact that the treatment process and material selection are diverse. In recent years, the market tonnage has been moving up. From 20 tons of 5-SECTION arms to 25 tons of 5-SECTION arms has become the mainstream of the market. It took only five years. In the future, it will move up from 25 tons to a larger tonnage, maybe 35 tons, maybe 55 tons. It may happen in, and all this may start in 2018

35 tons:

strength and glory of the kicker

as the first kicker, ANU became famous with the original "fly" PK, and finally ranked fourth with a song "apol column 5 main content of industrial cluster construction" ogize ", and then successfully kicked. It is very similar to the 35 ton market in 2018. For Sany, entering the 35 ton market, Sany is a kicker. 35 tons has always been dominated by XCMG and Zoomlion, playing in the market of Sanqiao. Suddenly, Sany made a surprise attack, with the original, a four bridge product, winning 62.5% of the market share with the sales of nearly 500 units, and it suddenly rose in just one year

what is the source behind this? Shan Shan believes that the main reason is that the 35 ton model has always been very embarrassing. The 25 ton and 50 ton models have been squeezed, and the living space has always been small; XCMG and Zoomlion may not have liked the models that carry the needs of "small 50" users before. The precise detent of Sany stc350t can be described as sharp sighted and full of homework. Despite the overall leadership in lifting height and load capacity, Sany took the lead in launching four bridges, narrow body and two-stage outriggers in the industry, which shows that Sany has a deeper understanding and insight into the crane industry

in terms of configuration, Weichai wp9h310e50 engine, fast 9js150ta-b gearbox, Caspar main pump, Shenli double reduction axle, Kawasaki motor, 12r22.5 vacuum steel tire; As well as the intelligent flow distribution system of double variable pump, high-precision torque display, multi-dimensional safety detection, intelligent control... The downward movement of 50 ton technology is in line with Sany's consistent style of pursuing industry leadership. From this point of view, the cost performance of Sany T series is indeed very kind. No wonder it can become the choice of many users

xcmg xtc35 ranked second in 35 ton sales in 2018, with sales of more than 200 units. Although the market performance of Zoomlion's 35 ton three bridge products is general, its 35 ton four bridge products have also been listed, and the 35 ton market has inevitably become a wrestling position for the horizontal direction of the next horizontal tensile testing machine of the main engine factory. I think we should leave it to the market to prove whether it is the advantage of preconceived ideas or the advantage of catching up from behind

50, 55 tons:

two strong pattern. Zoomlion lost Reza and Liugong grabbed the market above the

50 ton level. For a long time, XCMG, Sany and Zoomlion have been divided up, and other brands rarely came in. One of the biggest changes in 2018 was that XCMG and the top oneortwo became stronger and stronger, accounting for 76% in total, and Zoomlion only accounted for 15%. Liugong and Reza shared more than 100 market shares. For Liugong and Reza, the tiger's mouth snatched food, This performance has been a surprise; The low share of Zoomlion is due to the lack of 50 ton models on the one hand, and the lack of competitiveness of 55 ton products on the other hand

XCMG still takes the lead in subdividing tonnage by relying on the complete type spectrum, but from the perspective of the whole tonnage structure, the leap from 50 to 55 has become a trend

55 ton model. In 2018, Sany has only one stc550t, XCMG has two models, five arm xct55l5 and five arm xct55l6. Because the products are already very familiar, we make a simple comparison with five arm:

from the comparison, first of all, the key index stc550t is stronger than xct55l5. At the same time, as mentioned in the 25 ton analysis, the improvement of the overall process and quality of T series products, in terms of product reliability, fretting Operation efficiency and other aspects have won a good market reputation

after looking at the comparison of 55 ton 5-SECTION arms, let's take a look at the comparison of 55 ton 6-SECTION arms

XCMG xct55l6

xct55l6 is a 50m U-shaped main boom, and the maximum lifting torque of the basic boom is 2033kn m. The maximum lifting torque of full boom is 940kn m. The jib is 16m long and K-shaped outrigger; Sinotruk man 268 kW guov, Shaanxi gear 10 transmission, 315/80r22.5 radial tire; The new single cylinder bolt telescopic system and the combined balance weight of 9.5 tons still have a high overall evaluation, but users still have different opinions on the counterweight, K-type outrigger, price, etc.

Sany stc550t6

Sany stc550t6 was launched at Bauma 2018. According to its promotional materials, the main boom is 52 meters long and the maximum lifting torque of the basic boom is 2103kn m. The maximum lifting torque of the full boom is 1078kn m. Jib 16m, H-shaped outrigger; Weichai wp10.375e53, fast 10jsd160tb gearbox, 325/95r24 steel tire; Oval single cylinder bolt structure, combined counterweight 10.5t, can carry out full counterweight transfer. Undoubtedly, it is more attractive to customers. Since there is no market response, we don't comment here

data is the best proof. At the same time, it is the latest generation of products of the manufacturer. Sany competes with XCMG's two product divisions with a single model, and the sales volume is comparable. It seems that the quality of today's Sany Heavy machinery is really in the front row. It is necessary for us to have a correct look at the rumors about Sany crane

with the silent entry of Reza and Liugong, and the launch and upgrading of the three new products, the market disturbance of this ton level will be more intense in 2019. Maybe for such a ton product, Diaoyou pays more attention to the stability and reliability of the product. The advantage of lifting performance can bring extra points, but for mature users, the three are still the real choice

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