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Tsinghua technology helps Jietong Huasheng Lingyun restructure China's HCI industry pattern

Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent voice

Jietong Huasheng Lingyun intelligent customer service

since 2013, the domestic intelligent human computer interaction (HCI) technology supplier Jietong Huasheng announced to comprehensively strengthen strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University and determined the strategic development goal of Lingyun technology, which originates from Tsinghua and serves the world, With the support of Tsinghua University, various HCI technologies of Jietong Huasheng Lingyun have been comprehensively upgraded, especially Lingyun speech recognition technology, which has an irresistible trend. The combination of Lingyun speech synthesis and speech recognition technology, which represents the highest level in China, has helped Jietong Huasheng once again stand at the peak of China's speech industry, rewriting the pattern of China's speech industry and technology market almost overnight, This also marks the beginning of Tsinghua University's scientific and technological forces' full participation in and promotion of the development of China's voice and other HCI industries

The world is in a new era of industrial revolution. Mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and intelligent human computer interaction (HCI) have not only become a powerful force to promote the industrial reform of the whole world, but also are profoundly changing the social form. This industrial revolution has created a huge century opportunity for China to complete the transformation from made in China to created in China, and become a real power in the world and a major country in science, technology and economy. At the same time, new topics and challenges such as information security are even directly related to China's stable development pattern, I believe

in recent years, HCI technology, which makes human and machine as simple and natural as human to human communication, has become one of the most active fields in academia and industry in the world. The development of HCI technology in China can not only keep pace with the world, but also maintain a leading position in some fields, which is inseparable from the outstanding contributions made by Tsinghua University, China's highest institution of learning, in recent decades. Since the 1980s, Tsinghua University has taken the lead in carrying out HCI technology research in China, such as intelligent image recognition and intelligent voice interaction. It has always been the most important research force in the field of HCI in China, maintaining and owning a leading position in academic, scientific research and industrial applications, and constantly cultivating and transporting a large number of outstanding talents for the academic and industrial circles in China and even the world

a strong academic makes a strong industry! In the new industrial revolution, Tsinghua University conforms to the new trend of world social and economic development, and puts forward the development plan of building a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and the combination of industry, University and research by improving the knowledge innovation system. The new development plan will not only help Tsinghua Science and technology expand its influence in the industry in China and even in the world, so as to accelerate the construction of world-class universities, but also make great contributions to the development and progress of China's high-tech industry and the construction of the national scientific and technological innovation system

looking at the development trend of zigzag testing (astmd790, d6272 and ISO178) in information industry at home and abroad, HCI industry, as a new industrial cluster, is rising rapidly. The progress of HCI technology such as intelligent voice interaction, image recognition, semantic understanding and biometric recognition is also affecting and changing the development process of more industries. From the voice interaction technology of Apple Siri to the image recognition technology of Google glasses, from the intelligent war to smart TV, from office automation to smart car, all of them show that in the era of mobile Internet, the whole information industry is undergoing great changes from quantity to intelligence, and the unique positioning of Jietong huashenglingyun in this global industrial transformation is focus + specialty + internationalization, It occupies a favorable position in the development of China's HCI industry

this time, Tsinghua University and Jietong Huasheng cooperated, relying on Tsinghua University's strong research force in the field of HCI technology, to jointly build a new innovative development model of industry university research integration, and promote the realization of Lingyun technology, which originates from Tsinghua and serves the global strategic planning. It will not only help a large number of Chinese enterprises such as Jietong Huasheng improve their core competitiveness, but also contribute to the birth of a new pattern of HCI production in China as an interior parts industry, Enhancing the competitiveness of China's HCI industry in the world will have a far-reaching impact

With the rapid development of China's information industry, Tsinghua University, known as the cradle of engineers, has not only exported countless excellent engineers to the society, but also cultivated a large number of excellent enterprise leaders such as Zhang Chaoyang, Deng Feng, song Ke for the society. Enterprises led by Tsinghua students are active in all fields of China's information industry. Jietong Huasheng, led by Zhang Lianyi, a graduate of Tsinghua 89, is a representative enterprise in the HCI industry

most of the founders of Jietong Huasheng Company graduated from Tsinghua University. Since 1990, they have cooperated with Mr. Wu Youshou, an academician of Tsinghua University, and Professor Ding Xiaoqing to promote Tsinghua OCR with outstanding achievements; In 1999, at the beginning of its establishment, Jietong Huasheng cooperated with Professor cailianhong, a speech expert at Tsinghua University, to carry out research on speech synthesis technology. Therefore, Jietong Huasheng has the foundation and rich experience of cooperation with Tsinghua University. Like most enterprises founded by Tsinghua students, Jietong Huasheng respects the development law of HCI technology, maintains a low-key and pragmatic enterprise development style, focuses on the research and industrial application of HCI technology for a long time, and maintains a leading position in the field of HCI technology such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, intelligent semantic understanding, etc. After more than ten years of concentration and technology accumulation, the voice technology of Jietong Huasheng has been perfected, and the intelligent voice broadcasting service has gone from the high-speed railway running through China to major airports; From the voice call of each hospital to the long-distance bus stations; From voice services of major banks to call service centers of enterprises in various fields, the voice of Jietong has served 1.3 billion people in China for 15 years from 1999 to today

in 2011, Jietong Huasheng launched the world's first comprehensive intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI) capability cloud service platform - Lingyun (). Lingyun is a kind of cloud service that can use voice, handwriting, photography, gestures, and even intelligent means such as brain wave recognition to operate, perceive, computer and other digital devices in the future. Its goal is to make human-computer interaction as simple and natural as human-computer communication. Since its launch, Lingyun's HCI technology capabilities such as voice recognition, speech synthesis and handwriting recognition have served more than 300 million Chinese people through well-known classic applications such as Baidu navigation, Sogou navigation, navigation dog, Didi taxi, fast taxi, Chinese character hero, Tianxing listening to books, Tianxing input method, so that the public can fully feel and experience the ease and convenience brought by HCI technology to modern life

hci industry has a very broad technical field, and with the improvement of the status of network information security in the world, the development of HCI industry and socialized services have also become an important symbol of the strength of competitiveness among countries. Jietong Huasheng clearly recognizes that in the increasingly fierce and internationalized competition in the HCI industry, it is still weak to rely solely on the strength of enterprises to promote the development of the industry. Only by relying on stronger and solid basic research strength as support, can it win the initiative in this sweeping global industrial competition. After in-depth research and with the support of Tsinghua University, Jietong Huasheng decisively made a strategic decision to promote Lingyun's return to the embrace of Tsinghua's alma mater, relying on the HCI scientific and technological strength of Tsinghua University, to jointly achieve the long-term strategic development goal of Lingyun technology, which originates from Tsinghua and serves the world

Lingyun technology, which originates from Tsinghua and serves the world

the cooperation between Jietong Huasheng and Tsinghua University has achieved fruitful results in less than half a year. The rapid development of Lingyun speech recognition technology has quickly broken the monopoly that is forming in the industry, and changed the competitive pattern of the domestic speech industry market at one fell swoop; Lingyun natural language understanding technology has also made significant progress at the same time. Lingyun intelligent customer service system, which adopts the latest natural understanding technology of Tsinghua University, has become the first in China to truly realize intelligent question and answer customer service through semantic understanding and semantic analysis, and helps enterprise customer service centers begin to transform from cost centers to enterprise marketing centers, and then become profit centers. The rapid progress of Lingyun technology indicates that Tsinghua technology has begun to burst out as the most powerful driving force in the development of China's HCI industry with an innovative model and a new style

since the 1980s, Tsinghua University has been in a leading position in many HCI academic and scientific research fields, and has made great contributions to the synchronous development of HCI technology in China and the world. In order to promote Tsinghua Science and technology to serve the industry and society, Tsinghua University has also been encouraging the cooperation between scientific research forces on campus and enterprises to realize the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements; However, in the past period of time, although the HCI research force of Tsinghua University has made great contributions to the development of many enterprises, due to various reasons, especially after the introduction of Tsinghua Technology, some enterprises have more publicized their own technical strength in the market, ignoring the support of Tsinghua technology behind it. The failure analysis and troubleshooting methods of very material experimental machines have weakened the role of Tsinghua Technology in industrial development to a great extent, And its brand influence in academic and scientific research

therefore, Jietong Huasheng promoted the return of Lingyun to Tsinghua, which was helped and welcomed by many HCI laboratories and professors in the Department of electronics, the Department of computer, the Department of automation, the Institute of information technology and other departments of Tsinghua University, as well as encouraged and supported by relevant parties of Tsinghua University. In 2013, Tsinghua University industrial fund invested in Jietong Huasheng and became the second largest shareholder of the company, laying a more solid foundation for Lingyun to become a platform for Tsinghua University to show the honor and strength of HCI technology. At present, with the support and participation of Tsinghua university departments and relevant laboratories, the two sides have carried out broader and in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent speech interaction, image recognition, semantic understanding, machine translation, biometric recognition and so on

as a major HCI technology supplier in China, Jietong Huasheng has adhered to the development concept of win-win cooperation for more than ten years, focused on HCI technology research and industrial application, and professionally provided leading HCI core technology and application solutions for partners. In the industrial environment in which some domestic and foreign enterprises with some HCI technologies try to form a technological monopoly, the cooperation between Jietong Huasheng and Tsinghua University has not only attracted attention in the industry, but also received strong support from many partners. It is believed that the full participation of Tsinghua HCI scientific and technological forces in the construction of HCI industry will help the industry to jointly create an industrial ecological environment with leading technology and clear division of labor, Help all Chinese enterprises jointly seize the industrial development opportunities in the intelligent era

in order to strengthen deeper and more comprehensive cooperation, Tsinghua University and Jietong Huasheng jointly established the Lingyun HCI research center of Tsinghua University. Jietong Huasheng said: the Lingyun HCI research center of Tsinghua University will fully carry forward the strong driving force and influence of Tsinghua University in the national scientific and technological progress and national economic construction, continue to comprehensively consolidate and enhance the influence of Tsinghua University's HCI technology in the industry, and help Tsinghua University to build a leading position in academic, scientific research and industrialization promotion, in China and even the world In the industrialization promotion, we should highlight the honor and strength of Tsinghua and jointly realize the strategic development goals of Lingyun technology, which originates from Tsinghua and serves the world

a spirit cloud integrated into the power of Tsinghua has quietly

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