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TRW develops a new generation airbag control unit for inertial sensors

Germany, February 2, 2010 - Trinasolar automotive group of the United States recently announced that it will develop its new generation airbag control unit. The unit is designed to provide maximum flexibility, so that a series of pre crash functions to protect the safety of passengers and inertial sensors for stability control can be integrated. TRW has confirmed that the company will work with two large car companies to produce the product, which will be put into production in 2012

Martin thone, vice president in charge of electronic engineering technology, said: TRW continues to maintain a leading position in the world in the field of airbag control units. TRW ranks first among the suppliers of this product for vehicles manufactured in North America. We have delivered more than 150million sets of this product to customers around the world

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he stressed the need to strengthen the research and development of new energy vehicles. We are very proud to announce that the company has won these two contracts from large European and Asian auto companies. During the validity period of one of the contracts, our technology will be applied to more than a dozen different automobile product lines, and the number of assembled vehicles is about 7million. The signing of this major contract further shows our advantages and strength in the field of airbag control units

traditionally, electronic stability control system (ESC) and independent inertial sensing unit (IMU) are configured in the vehicle. In order to improve the cost performance, while ensuring the performance of the electronic stability control system, TRW's airbag control unit provides an effective method to reduce the number of modules in the vehicle. In addition, through the use of inertial sensing data, the detection function of side impact and rollover is enhanced

Mr. thone further pointed out that sensor integration is one of the core friction forces of TRW's strategy. We are making continuous efforts to develop more intelligent products, which will help reduce product complexity, reduce installation difficulty, reduce weight, reduce packaging and ultimately save costs for customers. In the field of active and passive safety, TRW PCB tensile testing machine has the richest product portfolio in the industry and is fully capable of maximizing all integration potential

integrating the inertial sensor into the airbag control unit has many advantages. First of all, this will place the sensor close to the center of gravity of the vehicle, which is the best place to place the vehicle collision sensor and inertial sensor. Secondly, integrating inertial sensors and collision sensors into one module can provide an alternative solution to increase the detection coverage, so that inertial sensors can improve the function of detecting side impact and rollover hazards, and also enhance the potential of integrating a single sensor into an integrated multi-sensor component. Finally, many components required by the independent inertial sensor module can be omitted without affecting the design or performance of the electronic stability control system - which will greatly save costs for car companies

the airbag control unit can also integrate TRW active control retractor technology, so it can accommodate a variety of pre collision functions to protect the safety of passengers in one module, providing strong flexibility and integration of key safety functions. In addition, the airbag control unit also supports pedestrian safety protection detection and drive, rollover hazard detection, suspension stabilizer bar drive, occupant safety detection and other functions

Mr. thone concluded that governments are legislating that vehicles must be equipped with electronic stability control systems; At the same time, the automotive electronics industry has achieved considerable development. This provides a great opportunity for the continuous integration of automotive electronic products. TRW has a reputable technology portfolio, and we fully believe that the company can provide customers with the necessary experience and talents in the field of automotive electronic systems, both now and in the future

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TRW Automotive is the world's leading supplier in the automotive industry, with sales of $15billion in 2008. Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, the company has subsidiaries in 26 countries around the world, with about 64000 employees. TRW's products include integrated vehicle control and driving assistance systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, occupant safety systems (seat belts and airbags), automotive electronics, engine components, fastener systems, etc., as well as automotive aftermarket replacement parts and services

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