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Trust comes from quality: the record of yingxuan loader visit activity

trust comes from quality: the record of yingxuan loader visit activity

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Guide: yingxuan loader is full of energy, low fuel consumption, high work efficiency, and very energetic. Master Wu of Weifang quarry in Shandong made such an evaluation. Master Wu is the owner of this quarry. His business is booming. His name is familiar to local peers. Master Wu drives the loader

"yingxuan loader is full of energy, low fuel consumption, high efficiency and great strength." Master Wu of Weifang quarry in Shandong made such an evaluation. Master Wu is the owner of this quarry. His business is booming. His name is familiar to local peers

Master Wu started his business with a loader, used his savings for many years to buy this mining site without scratches, scratches and other shortcomings, and bought several excavators and loaders. His life was prosperous. Having been engaged in this industry for more than 20 years, he gave a thumbs up to yingxuan loader

Master Wu couldn't help talking about how to get married with the brand "yingxuan". The initial purchase of yingxuan loader came from the introduction of friends in the circle. In view of the wide variety of domestic loaders, Master Wu has been hesitant. After listening to his friends' introduction to the performance, reliability, safety, stability and other aspects of yingxuan loader, Master Wu resolutely decided to purchase an yingxuan loader, which is the thinnest material in the world at present - a single atom thick material machine to try

the interviewer saw this lucky yingxuan yx655 loader at the work site. Although we had expected the bad working conditions before coming, we couldn't help but be surprised at the scene in front of us. I saw that the mines being mined around suddenly rose, and people and machines stood under them, suddenly feeling as small as an ant. In such a large working condition, several excavators and loaders are under intense construction. In the meantime, from time to time, some huge stones fell from the mountains, and the whole scene was dusty

pay close attention to scientific research and concentrate on product research and development. In such a bad industry and mine, yingxuan loader shuttles back and forth down the mountain, working intensively. Blocks of stones with a full weight of more than 100 kilograms were easily included in the bag. The mine is steep, and some slopes are as high as more than 30 degrees, but the yingxuan loader has a strong force, and the construction is as usual. It is hard to imagine that this loader has been here for more than 150 days with zero failure and 1300 hours of work

because the working condition is dangerous, the ore is at risk of collapse at any time, so the requirements for loaders are particularly high. But in recent months, yingxuan loader completely dispelled his initial concerns. Master Wu said that since April, yingxuan loader has been engaged in the high-intensity work of shovel loading and transportation of stones. Many times it often takes 24 hours a day, but the machine has never stopped due to failure, which surprised Master Wu

Master Wu frankly said to us, "yingxuan loader has good quality and better service!" Since the delivery of the whole vehicle, Master Wu and yingxuan after-sales service team have been in contact with only some functions and different ways of displaying data. From delivery operation training, running in maintenance training, to regular maintenance of the whole vehicle, seasonal water, oil and electro-hydraulic inspection, every work has made Master Wu feel intimate, and Master Wu's drivers and colleagues have also seen and remembered that yingxuan loader is of excellent quality The news of good service spread like wildfire

when it comes to the durability of yingxuan yx655 loader, it naturally belongs to its excellent technical support. Yx655 loader is designed with three-level shock absorption as standard, and the cab has a built-in frame framework, which greatly enhances the stability of the whole vehicle, and can effectively prevent rollover and rockfall risks. In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with Weichai low-speed high torque engine, with strong power. The hired operator also said: driving yingxuan loader is also very effective and easy. With the further expansion of business, Master Wu said that the scale of the quarry will be further expanded, and a loader can no longer meet the needs of the quarry. I need to buy two more loaders. I will also choose yingxuan for these two products

as an emerging enterprise, yingxuan heavy industry in just two years, from product research and development to manufacturing, from market research to marketing visits, every step of yingxuan is engraved with dedication, showing the unique entrepreneurial spirit of "self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence" of yingxuan people. Providing perfect product quality and service to satisfy every user is the inexhaustible driving force for yingxuan people to move forward

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