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Like other IT industries, China's scanner market is also full of businesses. With the change of time, the survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle have eliminated many small and medium-sized manufacturers. At present, there are still more than ten mainstream brands in the scanner market, and these products constitute the main theme of China's scanner market competition. It can be said that the scanner market in China is still dominated by all sectors and everyone is contending. When the competition of scanner market turns to technology application and brand competition day by day, personalized products closer to consumers are the development direction of scanners

technology sublimation application

throughout the domestic scanner market, system integration and software and hardware integration have become the future development trend. Users focus more on practical and application, and require matching scanner solutions. Therefore, whether scanner products have the "combination of software and hardware" has become a key factor for manufacturers to win in the brutal market competition, which is also an inevitable challenge for the scanner industry in the future. With its strong technical advantages, Tsinghua unisplent has significantly higher positioning of its main products than the mainstream products in the market, representing the future development direction of scanners, and has been leading the development of the domestic scanner market for many years, maintaining a good growth momentum in the scanner market. But now the scanner technology has developed very mature, and the competition between brands has also intensified. In order to continue to maintain its comprehensive advantages, Tsinghua UNISPACE believes that the most important thing is to "be application-oriented and pay attention to the research and development of key application technologies". The successful application of technology is very important to improve the quality of products and market competitiveness. Therefore, Tsinghua unisplent is application-oriented, fully understands and analyzes the application background, application needs and application characteristics of users, further improves its key application technologies, and quickly makes market reactions, accelerates the frequency of developing new application technologies, and develops products that are really suitable for users, Expand Tsinghua unisplent's market share in the scanner market again

with the improvement of scanner core technology, the corresponding enhancement of scanner product functions will be further improved. Tsinghua Ziguang firmly believes that only when the technology can be fully implemented in practical applications, can it meet the diversified needs of users. Now, due to the expansion of the range and number of users of various technologies of the scanner, the needs of users in different industries and types for scanner products are diversified. Therefore, Tsinghua unisplenum continues to improve the functions of its products, improve the performance of products, meet the differentiated needs of different users, maintain the strong advantages of Tsinghua unisplenum scanner in the domestic market, and occupy more market share. At the beginning of 2003, Tsinghua unisplenum has actively adopted the integration strategy, taking the "scanning application year" as the development direction of Tsinghua unisplenum, which not only provides simple hardware products for users who buy scanners, but also provides a variety of personalized system solutions for users to choose according to their needs, increases the process of sublimation and popularization of scanner technology, and further develops a broader business field of Tsinghua unisplenum scanners

scanner manufacturers are losing their due profit space due to the long-term price competition in the scanner market. Tsinghua unisplent firmly adheres to the concept of "customer-centered and application oriented", and comprehensively carries out the informatization construction of industrial users and enterprise users, so as to meet users' demand for "products + Solutions + services" from simple product development, and further improve the corresponding service content, These are important ways for Tsinghua unisplenum to achieve sustainable business development, and also firmly consolidate Tsinghua unisplenum's position as an industry leader in scanner products and industry applications, and continue to lead the development of the scanner market

application scanning breakthrough

in the domestic scanner market in 2002, Ningbo launched the plan to build an international new material science and Technology City in 1200D. PI, USB1.1 interface, ultra-thin CCD, etc. seem to become the mainstream of the market. 2400dpi, USB2.0 interface, TMA scanning also show great development potential. It can be predicted that the scanner market in 2003 will further mature in technology, optimized configuration, rich functions Exciting price, personalized design and humanized operation began to become the new scanner consumer name; Function of weldment tensile machine: hot spot of tensile performance. Tsinghua unisplenum is the leader of domestic scanners. It took the lead in putting forward the market development strategy of creating a new scanning application year, leading the development of the scanner industry. Tsinghua unisplenum believes that it is the owner of the core technology of domestic scanners and has strong product development ability and market expansion ability. In this era when user needs determine market development, only firmly grasp the needs of users, The determination, confidence and perspective of these young people who actively create users for sustainable development will play an important role in shaping the future of the industry. Only when they need applications can they walk in the front of the times and navigate the future

the first step of Tsinghua unisplent's sublimation scanning application with technology in 2003 is the new experience brought to us by the new version of OCR. In fact, OCR is what we often call word recognition software. Whether it is text or image, it is an image format file that is scanned and input into the computer through the scanner, and it cannot be processed directly in word processing software such as word. OCR software can scan text manuscripts through a scanner and convert them into text format files for word processing software to call. In this way, a large number of text repeated input work can be avoided, and the work efficiency can be greatly improved. Tsinghua unisplent's newly launched OCR XP authoritative version recognition software has a recognition rate of more than 99%, which is much higher than the previous version. In addition, this recognition software can not only recognize the printed matter, but also has many excellent functions that save users' worry, such as supporting color document input, automatically removing the background color of the manuscript, automatically identifying the original typesetting format, etc. purple light scanner is bundled with the new version of OCR, which is even more like tiger wings

after photo, text and OCR character recognition, the second step of Tsinghua unisplenum technology's sudden application is to fully promote the popularization of negative transmission scanning, and hope to find new growth points to promote scanner consumption. Film scanning in 2002 has begun to take shape, but its user base is still relatively small. Most users are in special industries related to image processing, graphic design and printing. Tsinghua unisplent believes that with the maturity and improvement of scanner technologies, the pace of the popularization of home digital life is approaching. This year will be a year for the full popularization of scanner film scanning. At the same time, the growing demand for negative scanning also confirms the market trend that scanners with a resolution of more than 1200dpi and 48 bit color depth have become mainstream products. Because the negative scanning function puts forward higher requirements for the resolution and color capture ability of the scanner. The ordinary 600dpi resolution scanner is difficult to obtain perfect image details and natural color performance on 35mm film. At that time, the application of the scanner was very simple, that is, scanning pictures, serving for page production or viewing by yourself, which is far from enough for business office users. In order to solve this defect of scanners, Tsinghua Uniscan launched a number of high-quality scanners for negative scanning as early as 2002, such as Uniscan b720, C720, a680, b6400, etc., covering all fields from high-end commercial to ordinary household. Taking into full account the different needs of different users for scanners, it provides users with highly personalized scanner applications and opens a new Xintiandi for scanner applications

guided by application and backed by technology, Tsinghua unisplenum not only broke through the bottleneck of scanner technology popularization and achieved the leading position in the scanner market, but also took the lead in the development of scanners in China. 4. Is the output current, voltage, frequency and other data of the frequency converter displayed on the display panel of the variable-frequency single column tensile testing machine normal; A demonstration road has been set up - technological innovation according to the application needs, on the one hand, it has reached the domestic leading and mature application requirements in technology, on the other hand, it has developed various mature application products according to the various needs of users for scanner products, truly launched the application market of the domestic scanner industry, and led the development trend of the domestic scanner market and industry

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