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The application of enocean energy acquisition wireless standard in intelligent lighting control

intelligent control has a history of more than 100 years. It has experienced the development stage of "classical control theory" and "modern control theory", and has entered the stage of "large system theory" and "intelligent control theory". With the advantages of one button operation, super experience, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent control has set off a discussion upsurge in the lighting industry in recent years

generally, intelligent lighting systems can be built in two ways: wired control and wireless control. In terms of cost and difficulty of transformation, wireless control undoubtedly has incomparable advantages. Whether it is a new building or an old residence, wireless control can realize the construction of intelligent control system in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. In addition, the emergence of more and more portable intelligent devices also makes the wireless control mode more acceptable to users

however, with the rapid development of intelligent lighting industry and IOT, more and more devices are connected to IOT. How to effectively power IOT devices has become a major problem in the industry. At the "OFweek 2017 China Intelligent Lighting Industry Development Summit Forum" on June 10, Graham Martin, chairman of enocean alliance, delivered a keynote speech entitled "enocean 1. Application of wireless standards for energy collection in intelligent lighting control due to electromechanical non rotation". At the meeting, Mr. Graham Martin shared the efficient solutions of enocean alliance

According to Graham Martin, the development of building automation market has gone through three stages: automated building, intelligent building and perceptual building. In the automatic building stage, the key indicators of visualization are the key factors of building rating, which can identify general building problems, but there is not enough data to identify energy waste; In the intelligent building stage, energy analysis and management is used to understand the energy consumption and core assets of the room, but it only analyzes the main data points comparable to one 1600t shuttle two-position press in bentler Sigri's R & D center in ried im innkreis; At the stage of building perception, users' behavior can be learned and predicted

at the same time, he also introduced that according to the analysis of the percentage of shipments, wired control accounted for 55.1% of the lighting control mode in 2015, while Dali control protocol was the main control protocol in wireless control, accounting for 36.7%; However, enocean & ble grew the fastest

with the development of IOT, the control field including lighting control will also usher in a development opportunity. It is estimated that there will be 30billion devices by 2020 and 50trillion interconnected sensors by 2032. How can we power such a large number of sensors? Graham Martin analyzed that the installation of power supply by wire is time-consuming, easy to produce a large amount of construction waste to pollute the environment, and expensive and inflexible; If the sensor is powered by battery, it will become impractical for various reasons. "It is the world's latest large-scale passenger machine that adopts energy collection and sensing, which is the best way." Graham Martin said

therefore, in view of the market demand for lighting control: policies and regulations on energy efficiency, green building certification, users' needs for comfort, automation and energy saving, and the need for lamp manufacturers and integrators to provide intelligent control, enocean alliance has launched a variety of LED wireless lighting control product combinations, and related products can be applied to single conference rooms, the whole floor of office buildings, large public building centers and other scenarios. Graham Martin hoped to make contributions to the development of bio based materials industry in Jilin Province. He noted that the adoption of enocean alliance led wireless lighting control products has greatly improved energy saving

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