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The enterprise version of Facebook workplace has been adopted by more than 30000 organizations since its launch in one year.

Facebook workplace launched in October last year provides basic Facebook social functions such as dynamic news, chat, community and search, and allows the establishment of associations between enterprises. It provides functions such as single check-in and analysis dashboard, and integrates the existing IT systems of enterprises. Facebook announced that it has been adopted by 30000 organizations around the world

Facebook announced on Thursday (October 26) that in January last year, bridge was the main load-bearing structure on the high-speed rail line. Facebook workplace corporate Facebook, which was officially launched in October, has so far been favored by more than 30000 organizations. These organizations have established more than one million associations (groups) for Automotive materials to promote team cooperation. On the same day, Facebook also published a workplace chat program that supports the desktop

facebook workplace provides basic Facebook functions such as dynamic message, community, chat, live broadcast and search. It can also establish communities between enterprises. It has a dashboard with a single check-in and analysis function. It also allows enterprises to embed workplace into existing IT systems or connect to third-party services such as office 365, G suite, salesforce and Dropbox

at the beginning of September this year, Facebook announced that 14000 organizations had joined workplace. This week, the number has exceeded 30000, including Walmart, Heineken, spotify and LYFT

Facebook lists a variety of application examples of workplace in the past year. For example, when the hurricane hit the United States, Delta Airlines used workplace to coordinate disaster response and instant messaging. Employees of Oxfam, an international charitable organization, shared a film on workplace to transport clean water to Yemen village. Many operators also solved work trivia through chat robots developed by a third party

as for the communication program workplace chat published on Facebook, there was originally a mobile version and a browser details version, but now a desktop program has been added. Desktop users do not have to open workplace with a browser to use workplace chat. As long as they open the desktop program, they can share files or screen images, and also have the functions of message response, @ mentioning someone and animation. In addition, Facebook also expects to update the workplace chat programs for mobile and desktop versions in the next few weeks to add group capabilities

workplace chat can now support multi person chat across desktops and actions: (from Facebook)

facebook workplace now has free standard version and paid advanced version. The two rely on vision, hearing and touch to explore the new potential of material technology. The biggest difference is that the advanced version provides the ability to integrate third-party services and has additional enterprise and management functions, Facebook has not disclosed the proportion of workplace users adopting the advanced version so far

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