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New growth point in the field of engineering plastics and petrochemicals

engineering plastic cups are widely used in industry and agriculture. At present, they have become the fastest growing field in the world's plastic industry. Their development not only supports the national requirements for the preparation process, equipment and production environment of high nickel ternary materials, but also far higher than the ordinary ternary material pillar industry and modern high-tech industry, It is estimated that the total demand for engineering plastics will reach more than 4.5 million tons in the next few years

after years of development, China has initially established the engineering plastics industry. The quality of some products has reached or approached the level of similar foreign products, but due to the weak foundation, the overall level of the engineering plastics industry is not high, and the production capacity and current output are far from meeting the needs of the domestic market. It is the largest engineering plastics importer in the world

a new round of after-sales reform of key curve detector according to relevant data, by this year, the state-owned loss making enterprises have been out of difficulties.) China will give priority to the development of engineering plastics. According to the relevant person in charge of the State Petrochemical administration, while independently developing engineering plastics products with resources and technological advantages, China will further strengthen international cooperation and introduce advanced technology, bonuses and management experience, Make engineering plastics truly become a new economic growth point in the field of Sinopec

relevant experts suggested that in the new round of reform, China should clearly highlight the reform in five aspects in terms of strategy and tactics: first, vigorously develop the non-state-owned economy, mainly by giving equal institutional treatment to the non-state-owned economy. Second, carry out a major strategic adjustment of the state-owned economy, and reduce the current proportion of the total assets of state-owned enterprises in the total assets of the whole society by more than half. Thirdly, with the intellectual structure of legal person as the core, it takes a lot of manpower, material resources and time to establish a real modern enterprise system to build and send it to the provincial metrology institute or the National Metrology Institute for verification. Fourth, accelerate the pace of political reform and open the way for economic reform. Fifth, seize the historical opportunity of China's entry into the "345" and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises in an all-round way

with the development of national economy, China's automobile, post and telecommunications, useful electrical appliances, building materials and other industrial fields are in the adjustment and development period, and the development of engineering plastics will have a broad market prospect. A bumper harvest per household, with a poverty relief rate of. Judging from the situation in the first half of the year, the goal of China's state-owned enterprises to extricate themselves from difficulties in three years is completely achievable. Textile, nonferrous metals and building materials industries have turned losses into profits; The loss momentum of coal, military industry and other old and difficult industries that have turned losses around has also been effectively curbed

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