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The construction of enterprise culture stimulates the vitality of Shandong Changlin group

the construction of enterprise culture stimulates the vitality of Shandong Changlin group

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in recent years, Shandong Changlin group has taken the advanced enterprise culture as the guide, made efforts to integrate the enterprise culture into team building, operation and management, and created a good atmosphere of educating people and strengthening the enterprise through culture, It provides strong intellectual support and spiritual motivation for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. The group has successively won the honorary titles of "national model worker's home", "national model enterprise with harmonious relations" and "the first batch of enterprises with harmonious labor relations in Shandong Province"

cultural communication: imperceptibly into the heart

Shandong Changlin group has listed the construction of corporate culture as a "top leader project" in its important agenda, and built a characteristic cultural system with "diamond like products from Shandong Changlin" as the core. Qiaoyu, a leading poet, was invited to write lyrics. The famous composer Liuqing composed music. The factory song "song of Changlin diamond" was customized for the group, and was sung by the famous young singer Tanjing. It highlights and enhances the company's popularity and reputation. The beautiful lyrics and moving melody also focus on the intensity of the project, expressing the infinite loyalty of Changlin people to the party, the motherland and the people and their incomparable love for the cause of Changlin, greatly enhancing and ensuring the smooth processing of the group's cadres and workers' sense of honor and cohesion

Shandong Changlin has also compiled the light of diamonds, the annals of Changlin group and the anthologies of zhangbaoxin. The successful publication of these three annals is not only a historical review of Changlin group's march towards high-end, but also a fruitful achievement in the construction of corporate culture

charm of culture: colorful activities show their skills

Shandong Changlin group attaches great importance to the development of cultural and sports activities, and selects cultural and sports activities that employees like to see and hear to meet the needs of employees' different cultural lives. There are "calligraphy, painting and photography competitions" that condense the connotation of the enterprise spirit, "staff art performances" that show the style of Changlin staff, as well as various rich and colorful cultural activities that show individual comprehensive quality or collective honor, such as basketball games, dance, Taijiquan, square dance, tug of war and aerobics. It has cultivated the ideology and sentiment of employees, enriched their amateur cultural life, and played a strong voice of harmonious progress in the long-standing cultural roots. This part of consumer demand shows the cultural connotation of rigid

poverty alleviation and poverty relief. Shandong Changlin group attaches great importance to the support for public welfare undertakings, and each year provides a certain amount of funds to support the construction of roads in the camp. For 17 consecutive years, it has set up the Changlin Talent Award, and subsidized 10000 yuan per student for admission to famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. A charity fund of 20million yuan was set up to pay attention to the vulnerable groups in the county

actively extend a helping hand to needy families and poor workers to help them tide over difficulties. A strong earthquake of magnitude 8.1 occurred in Nepal this year. Lishide company under Shandong Changlin group was concerned about the disaster area and urgently mobilized more than 20 excavators around Lhasa to fully assist in earthquake relief. Lishide engineering machinery's outstanding performance in earthquake relief in Nepal was highly praised by the Chinese armed police and the Nepalese people

spring breeze turns into rain, moistening things silently. The corporate culture construction of Shandong Changlin is like a strong spring breeze. It is developing in a healthy and harmonious direction. Changlin, which has a history of more than 70 years, is full of vitality. A brand-new Changlin, cultural Changlin and strength Changlin with elegant environment and harmonious humanistic relations are standing in front of the world

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