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Engineering plastics in South Africa has entered a mature period

as the leader of African economy, South Africa's economy has maintained a high-speed development trend after the establishment of the provincial engineering laboratory in recent years. Frost Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, published a research report in november2008 and believed that the current engineering plastics market in South Africa has gradually entered a mature stage. According to Chinese phenolic resin experts, engineering plastics have been widely accepted in downstream application fields. Liuzhongfan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of School of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University, the focus of market competition, expressed that in order to promote the development of graphene industry, pure price competition has become a comprehensive competition for product quality and service. According to the types of engineering plastics, this market can be divided into the following five sub markets: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer) plastic market, polyamide plastic market, polycarbonate plastic market, plexiglass (polymethylmethacrylate) market and polymethylaldehyde plastic market. As one of the pillar industries of South Africa's economy, manufacturing industry is the most important downstream market of engineering plastics in South Africa. According to the consumption of downstream industries, automobile manufacturing, industrial products manufacturing, electronics and consumer goods packaging industries are the top four downstream applications with the largest consumption of engineering plastics. However, due to the financial crisis, the development momentum of the automobile manufacturing and auto parts industry in South Africa decreased in 2008, but the demand for engineering plastics in consumer goods packaging and other industries still maintained a rapid growth. Due to the high profits in the engineering plastics market, many internationally renowned plastic manufacturers have businesses in South Africa. The first-line market of engineering plastics in South Africa is monopolized by a few international manufacturers, while the second-line market has a large number of manufacturers, but each has a share of no more than 5%. It is preliminarily estimated that the scale of the first tier market accounts for about 60% of the overall engineering plastics market in South Africa, that is, US $69million. Major engineering plastics suppliers include DuPont, which provides polyamide plastics, Bayer, which provides polycarbonate, Taiwan chimeicorporation, which provides ABS, and kepital, which provides POM. Throughout the engineering plastics market in South Africa, apart from upstream production, there is a complete industrial chain. At the top of the industrial chain are engineering plastic suppliers, who import their products into South Africa through importers or distributors. Plastic raw materials are either directly sold to end customers, or they are sold to end users after being made into finished products or parts by plastic manufacturers. The specialized division of labor has formed a symbiotic relationship between plastic manufacturers and downstream customers. Frost Sullivan believes that in order to occupy a place in the engineering plastics market in South Africa, excellent product quality, good technical support and persistent innovation are the basic requirements. In addition, perfect dealer network coverage is indispensable. If we can find powerful dealers as partners in major regions, use their existing sales channels and networks to promote products and provide services, and then return to some black workshops in rural areas for processing, it will undoubtedly be a step forward to success

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