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The indoor color matching directly affects the decoration effect of the whole house. Therefore, we need to have a certain understanding of the decoration color matching skills. Then, what are the decoration color matching skills? Now let me introduce you to Xiaobian

I. decoration color matching skills

1. The number of colors should not be too much

the most important thing in housing decoration is to control the number of colors. Generally speaking, it is best to control the number of colors within three, but here, black and white are not included. If you want to make the home decoration atmosphere more personalized and gentle, you can match warm colors with black and white, because the strong color difference can make the original desolate indoor environment look vibrant and energetic. For people who are gentle and like elegant living environment, you can use soft and warm colors such as light brown and light gray as the main color of the room, and then buy a few pieces of furniture from the original wood land, which can easily create a quiet, natural, elegant and pleasant warm home

2. Choose colors according to the orientation

as we all know, different housing orientations bring people different living feelings. Therefore, it is particularly critical to try to use home decoration color matching skills to coordinate the living effects of different seats. Due to the influence of the sun rising in the East and setting in the west, only in the morning can the sun shine, and most of the time it is relatively gloomy. Therefore, such houses facing east must be decorated with light warm colors to improve the cold feeling of the room; On the contrary, if facing west, you should alleviate the heat caused by long-term sunshine through the cold color system

3. Use color according to function

indoor color matching is not good, but it can light up the living environment. To a certain extent, it can also reflect the use functions of different regions. For example, as the main function of the hall is to entertain guests and public rest places, the use of light yellow, ivory white, light blue and other colors can highlight leisure and help relax the body. In the dining area, it is suggested that you use bright and bright colors to promote appetite. In order to create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, the bedroom often uses blue and warm yellow to create a quiet space

the above is all about the decoration color matching skills. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant knowledge in the future, you can continue to pay attention to relevant information. Xiaobian will bring you more wonderful content





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