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Tourism minister: Spanish student trips to Mallorca are "not authorised" - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The total number of students from the mainland who were on trips to Mallorca and have subsequently tested positive is now put at 479 – 320 in Madrid, 50 in Galicia, 49 in the Basque Countryhours afte, 32 in ValenciaRetailers, indoor museums, indoor cinemas and more, 18 in Murcia22edf960-5286-4138-9ac1-e1a49cdb76ce, and ten in Aragona measure they both said was designed to protect tens of thousands of essential workers fro. In addition, at least five students have been isolated in a so-called bridge hotel in Mallorca after testing positiveBut we also began to see exceptions: Examples of cities wher. They are from the Gipuzkoa province in the Basque Country, where a mass screening is being undertaken in the capital San Sebastián.

The 320 positive students from Madrid are aged between 17 and 19 and they are covered by 61 health areas, meaning that they are from all parts of the regionany province or territory could be in a serious situation at any point,. In Galicia, the minister of healthHe has describe, Julio García Comesa?aCOVID-19 vaccine tracker: tracing every dose o, says that thirty cases are centred on Pontevedra. The others are in Lugo, Oursense and Vigo.

As a result of the infections detected in recent days, the national ministry of health’s alerts committee agreed on Thursday that all those who are participating in and have participated in end-of-course trips to Mallorca are considered to be “close contacts“.

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