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Spot improvement! Strong market expectation: the annual consumption of plastic raw materials is nearly 6million tons, and the glass maintains a strong market

with positive and negative change functions; Market review

on the previous trading day, glass fg2009 closed at 1591, up 3.18%. In the morning, it hit the daily limit, with enlarged trading volume and slightly reduced positions. The 09 contract broke through the six-year high, hitting a new high

fundamental news

on the previous trading day, the average spot price of float glass in major cities across the country was 1507.99 yuan/ton, and the spot price rose all the way, forming a strong support for the futures disk

according to China Glass futures news, last Thursday, the quotations of glass manufacturers in the southwest and northwest regions rose to follow up the previous increases of manufacturers in other regions. On the whole, the fluctuation range of spot prices in these two regions since this year is weaker than that in other regions, mainly due to the limited increase in local market demand. Since April, various regions have raised spot prices to improve the speed of destocking, superimposed on the reduction of production capacity in Hebei, the ignition of new production lines has been postponed, and the proportion of other companies in the city is not large, with strong performance

recently, the domestic float glass market has been stable, and the shipment of enterprises has not significantly improved. Spot market prices in various regions have increased, mainly to boost market confidence, downstream demand continues to recover, the market has high expectations for gold, silver and ten, and the disk continues to strengthen. On the whole, in the absence of other bad news, glass will maintain a strong market. Today's glass main contract fg2009 is strong and volatile. Operation suggestions: wait-and-see or short difference operation is the main operation, and short selling is not recommended

the above is only the personal views of analysts, for reference only! There are risks in the futures market, and investment needs to be cautious

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