Digital proofing in the hottest CTP wave

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Digital proofing in CTP wave (Part 2)

unmatched speed

time is life, which is an eternal law. With the rapid development of color printing industry, the increase of orders, the reduction of the number of prints per order, the shortening of printing time, and whether to improve the proofing and film production speed have become the commanding heights for printing enterprises to compete for market control. HP Designjet 5000 appeared in front of us at the right time. Professional traditional proofing takes at least one and a half days, while 5000 digital proofing takes only half an hour to obtain a folio digital sample. HP Designjet 5000 can output 7 square meters per hour under the condition of the highest quality, and the layout can reach 50 square meters. Relying on HP's advanced jetexpress technology, we enjoy the feeling of flying

excellent image quality

quality problems are commonplace, but they are still the most concerned problem of users. The proofing speed of the output center is fast, so the quality can't keep up? This is also the problem considered by output centers and printing plants. In order to make the manufacturer have both fish and bear's paw, HP Designjet 5000 is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, which can be adjusted automatically when the temperature and humidity change. In addition, human factors have always been a long-standing problem that cannot be solved. As the saying goes, soldiers will block water and come to earth. HP Designjet 5000 uses digital technology. Once the proofing and color matching file (ICC file) is determined, the proofing color of each picture is determined, which has nothing to do with the level of the operator. In this way, this problem is solved easily. In addition, HP Designjet 5000 itself adopts a closed-loop color calibration system, which can ensure that the same proofing is output many times, and the proofing quality remains unchanged

low cost

speed and quality have been solved, and the cost problem has been put on the agenda. Cost is a very practical problem, and it is also the focus of customers and manufacturers. They all hope that the cost is as low as possible. What has HP Designjet 5000 done for us? The initial investment cost of HP Designjet 5000 only needs more than 100000 yuan (computer, large format printer and related software); In terms of site, 5000 can work in the general office environment, thus avoiding a large investment in the plant; Because digital proofing is to proofing now and then produce film, once the proofing effect fails to meet the customer's requirements, it only needs to proofing again without repeatedly producing film, which avoids unnecessary waste and reduces the cost. What's more exciting for users is that HP Designjet 5000 provides a completely interchangeable ink system, which enables a printer to support both indoor and outdoor inks at the same time. This is not what any brand of large format inkjet printer can do

in addition, the HP Designjet 5000 series has a production level printing speed of 52.86 square meters/hour, a large width of 152 cm, and exquisite printing quality like photos. In addition, it is equipped with HP jetdirect network printing image source: Wageningen server, which is 4 times faster than before, so as to complete data transmission at a faster speed. These superior performances have long been talked about by people in the industry, and its humanization Intelligence brings unexpected returns, which benefits us a lot

hp Designjet 5000 can print on a variety of media, such as paint paper, glossy paper, backlight paper, opaque paper, vinyl paper, canvas, poster printing paper and other commonly used media. In addition, HP's media complementarity program has created more freedom for us to flexibly use materials such as silk, cotton and metal film, enabling us to create innovative and imaginative designs in order to win more business opportunities

not only that, it can also be compatible with other brands of media. For any media that has passed HP print quality certification, HP will put the print color profile of this print media on the address (design/jet) open to HP large format printer users. We can download the print color profile of this medium to HP large format printer to obtain the best output effect, which gives us more choices, Choose the printing media of different brands according to the capital, cost and required quality of each business, instead of using Epson's standard printing media due to the incompatibility of equipment when using Epson's printer in the past, which will lead to unnecessary cost waste when doing low profit business

hp Designjet 5000 digital proofing products have broken through the bottleneck in the practical application of digital proofing in terms of print quality and speed. HP Designjet 5000 large format printer series products have become the most typical products in the current large format printer market, realizing the organic unity of speed and quality. It can be said that the launch of HP Designjet 5000 has brought a sharp weapon to the future proofing work of output centers or printing plants. By understanding HP Designjet 5000 products, we can understand why China's digital proofing has made great progress in the past six years

the bright future stems from the progressive digital proofing

at present, HP digital proofing system has been applied in production. The promotion and practice of digital technology in various industries in China will inevitably lead to an unavoidable huge change. This reform has provided a new idea for promoting the business efficiency of enterprises, improving the scientific and technological content of products, reducing the production cost of enterprises, and realizing the intensive profit growth of enterprises. It has become a new growth point of the national economy, and has a tortuous life path for people. "Encouraging the expansion of the field of utilization of new magnetic composites will also have a profound and positive impact

in foreign countries, digital proofing has been very popular. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries, most of the proofs are completed by digital proofing, and only a few use traditional proofing when making spot colors. Domestic attention to digital proofing is also getting higher and higher. Beijing is planning to establish professional after-sales service companies for digital proofing equipment. Such companies will formulate corresponding solutions for different users of digital proofing, users' different proofing equipment, raw materials and printing equipment, and also provide pre job training for users of digital proofing operators. Through a series of services, we can connect prepress and post press more closely, help enterprises output high-quality products and win more customers

restore CTP from digital proofing

the development of digital proofing in China is an important historical stage for China to move from a middle-income country to a high-income country. In the exhibition process, we can see the development prospects of CTP in China. CTP is surging, and more than 300 patent articles have been published since the end of the year. In 1996, 55.3% of the 100 largest printing enterprises in the United States adopted CTP system, and 28.8% adopted color short edition digital printing system

since 1985, most newspapers in provinces and cities in Chinese Mainland and their printing plants have adopted Laser Phototypesetting and offset printing. The next technological transformation direction of these newspapers and printing houses with strong financial resources is direct plate making, color newspapers and periodicals, high-end color printing and packaging printing. It is required to expand the scanning format to folio (740*510), and the printing resistance of the plate can reach 300000 to 500000. For printing, CTP saves manpower, improves quality and reduces environmental pollution. Moreover, the streamlined and optimized process flow makes it easy to set up a continuous production line with a high degree of automation. CTP system and technology, as a development direction of China's printing industry, has been included in the key scientific and technological projects of the National Ninth Five Year Plan. It is a typical high-tech, high growth and high return technology intensive industry. We have reason to believe that in the near future, CTP technology will spread all over our country and contribute to the full speed development of our national economy

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