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At the beginning of 2020, the "new infrastructure" marked by 5g has been frequently mentioned by the decision-making level, and leading enterprises have also been involved in it

in fact, as early as the beginning of 2019, Sany Heavy Industry has fully embraced 5g technology, and successfully launched the world's first 5g remote control excavator in the middle of the year, achieving the industry's first 5g application landing case

at the time of the first anniversary of the issuance of 5g license, at present, the industrial interconnection with 5g as the core has run through the main business process of Sany Heavy Industry, and has completed the application of 31 segmentation scenarios in 8 categories, boosting the digitalization level of enterprises, which is far ahead of the industry

5g large-scale application and scenario landing

recently, at the first "new infrastructure 5g Industry Application Forum", the case of 5g large-scale application scenario of Sany intelligent factory has become the focus of attention

at the beginning of 2019, Sany Heavy Industry fully introduced 5g technology and launched the experiment of 5g virtual special in multiple parks

figure Sany Nankou Industrial Park

according to the introduction, the base station 1 The experimental device includes heating furnace, test object rack, air flow hood, thermocouple, voltage stabilizer, voltage regulator, control instrument and temperature recorder. The Beijing park alone has completed the construction of 12 macro stations and 141 sub rooms

among them, 5g network signal coverage construction has been completed in the outdoor area, as well as the pile machine production workshop and heavy energy No. 1 production workshop, and two sets of MEC edge platforms in the park have been deployed

at the same time, 5g industrial special school based on intelligent manufacturing application has been completed in Nanyuan District, realizing the interconnection between 5g network and pile driver

figure cloud AGV car

not only that, in Changsha, the "lighthouse factory" under construction, based on 5g intelligent logistics system, cloud AGV has achieved intelligent and unmanned material handling

figure three show LED large screen

the heads of state of the two countries boarded the review platform. Based on 5g three show video data intelligent application, through AI image recognition, automatic recognition and real-time management of human images are realized

based on 5g digital chemical position management, it realizes the identification and optimization of all elements of man-machine, material, method and environment of the position

Figure 1 set parameters, simulation scenario

build intelligent factory CPS based on the combination of virtual and real 5g+ industrial interconnection; Based on the application of 5g ar/mr, the simulated driving training of rotary drilling rig is realized

not only that, through digital technology, the restaurants in the park have also realized intelligent early warning of the quantity of dishes. Through artificial intelligence calculation, empty dishes and less dishes can be prevented in time

insiders believe that 5g + industrial interconnection is in the ascendant and will inevitably generate more application scenarios in the manufacturing field

build a 5g industrial interconnection ecosystem of Sany group

Figure 1 Sany signed a contract with Huawei

these demonstration scenarios are the results of the in-depth cooperation between Sany Heavy Industry and Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom, ZTE and other enterprises in the industry. In recent years, Sany and sany have jointly carried out a large number of 5g experimental projects, actively promoted the implementation of applications, and won awards continuously

in 2019, Sany Heavy Industry, together with Huawei and Chinatelecom, won the first prize in the second "blooming Cup" 5g competition of the Ministry of industry and information technology with "5g based smart alliance AGV"

in the same year, the "intelligent application of 5g and software defined cloud technology in equipment manufacturing" created by SANY United Unicom won the third prize in the first "industrial interconnection competition"

Figure 1 Sany's world's first 5g excavator

is not only a production scenario, 5g technology also allows remote control to break through the bottleneck of signal transmission, providing opportunities for the practical application of unmanned new products

at the world mobile communication conference last year, the world's first 5g remote-control excavator jointly built by SANY, Huawei and others made an amazing debut

recently, Sany Heavy Industry's 5g based intelligent and unmanned pavement machinery experiment was successfully verified at a construction site in Shanghai

Figure 1 Sany electric driverless mixer in charging

under the new trend of electrification, not long ago, grade 3 ribbed steel 20mnsivnb 20mnsivnb is a typical low-carbon microalloy high-strength structural steel for building engineering. Sany Heavy Industry's 5g based electric driverless mixer has also been successfully delivered, once again becoming a benchmark demonstration

the practical investment of many 5g new products shows that Sany has become the leading enterprise in the industry in the field of intelligence

Dong Mingkai, President of Sany Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, said that in the future, Sany will cooperate with 5g deterministic network industry alliance, 5g industrial application matrix, industrial interconnection industry alliance and other industrial organizations to build 5g industrial interconnection ecosystem, create industrial level new infrastructure digital base, and promote industrial technological innovation and economic development

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