Digital screen printing machine made in the hottes

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Japanese made digital printing machine

Tohoku lik Co., Ltd. developed a digital printing machine, the principle of which is as follows. 1. Read the original, image processing, place the original on the original rack, start the plate making switch, aim the light at the original, convert the pattern into a dot pattern and transmit it to the plate making computer. 2. The platemaking hot indenter is close to the masking photosensitive film. Due to the pressure of the indenter, it is published according to the graphic manuscript and transferred to the plate cylinder to make a circular plate. 3. The printing plate cylinder is in the shape of large hole honeycomb, and the plate is close to the cylinder. The attention on the plate is paid to whether the screws and nuts at each part are loose, rusty and other problems. The pattern has small holes. From the inner side of the plate cylinder, the ink soft plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly, saves raw materials and transportation costs. The roller squeezes the ink, and transfers the ink to the substrate. 4. Dry the ink transferred to the paper, penetrate into the paper fiber, and dry naturally

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