Pulley failure and treatment of the hottest bridge

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Pulley failure and treatment methods of gantry crane

the sliding pulley of gantry crane often needs to adjust the focus line:

[1] in fact, the accessories have a great impact on the experiment of the experimental machine, and the wear of pulley rope groove is uneven

[2] the wear of pulley spindle reaches 3 ~ 5% of nominal diameter

[3] pulley does not rotate

[4] the pulley is inclined and loose

[5] pulley crack or rim fracture

That is, the treatment method of the clamp of the tension machine:

[1] when the wear of the wheel groove wall reaches 1/10 of the original thickness, and the radial wear reaches 1/4 of the rope diameter, it should be replaced

[2] strengthen lubrication and maintenance

[3] the positioning part on the shaft is loose, or the steel wire rope jumps groove for maintenance and replacement

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