Publicity of environmental impact assessment of th

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Publicity of environmental impact assessment on the relocation project of Shanghai Xingyu paint factory

publicity of environmental impact assessment on the relocation project of Shanghai Xingyu paint factory

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[China paint information] release unit: Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry

release date: April 2, 2010

1 Description

Shanghai Xingyu Coating Factory entrusted Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry to carry out environmental impact assessment on the relocation of Shanghai Xingyu coating factory to Shanghai Jiading Madong industrial zone for coating production and construction project. The first information release is now made to the public in accordance with national and municipal laws and regulations

Shanghai Xingyu coating factory and Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry are responsible for the authenticity of the information released at this stage. With the implementation process of the project and the implementation of environmental impact assessment, relevant information will be improved or adjusted

2. Outline of construction project

(1) project name: relocation project of Shanghai Xingyu paint factory

(2) project location: No. 15, pengfeng Road, Madong Industrial Zone, Jiading, Shanghai, leasing idle plant of Shanghai Shihui industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd.

(3) industry category: chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing

(4) product scale: acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, nitro paint, zinc rich primer and supporting diluents, 1400t/a in total

(5) project construction content: production system, office system, supporting power distribution room, air compressor room and other public engineering systems

3、 Summary of the construction unit

(1) name of the construction unit: Shanghai Xingyu Coating Factory

(2) address of the construction unit: No. 15, pengfeng Road, Madong Industrial Zone, Jiading, Shanghai

(3) contact person of the construction unit: Jin Weixin

(4) for known signals (size/amplitude, contact information of the construction unit:

4, summary of the evaluation organization

(1) name of the evaluation organization: Shanghai Institute of chemical industry

(2) Certificate No. of the evaluation institution: EIA Zheng Jia Zi No. 1806

(3) address of the evaluation institution: Building 8, No. 345 Yunling East Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

(4) contact person of the evaluation institution: Wang Gong, Chen Gong

(5) contact information of the evaluation institution:/Fax:; E-mail: chenxh@kyd-en Experimental operators are not allowed to touch

5. Environmental impact assessment work procedures and main work contents

main procedures of environmental impact assessment work: on the basis of verifying engineering data and determining the project emission source, combined with the environmental status and environmental protection objectives of the construction area, analyze the degree and scope of environmental impact of the project, and evaluate the feasibility of project construction; Put forward requirements and suggestions for environmental protection measures in combination with national environmental protection policies and regulations, public opinions and environmental impact analysis results

the main work contents of environmental impact assessment include: investigation of local environmental quality status, investigation of pollution sources, review of original projects, engineering analysis, cleaner production analysis, environmental impact prediction and evaluation, environmental risk assessment, analysis of pollution prevention and control countermeasures, public participation, environmental management and monitoring plan, analysis of economic profit and loss of environmental impact, analysis of planning compatibility, total amount control, etc, The purpose is to predict the impact on the surrounding environment after the completion of the project and put forward corresponding environmental protection measures by understanding the current situation of sewage discharge and environment of the project

6. Main matters of soliciting public opinions

(1) contents of soliciting public opinions

1) views on the environmental quality of the area where the project construction site is located, and what main environmental problems do I think exist

2) understanding of the project

3) personal concerns about environmental impact during project construction and operation

4) attitude towards the construction of the project

5) opinions or suggestions on environmental protection measures and environmental management in the construction of the project

(2) place and method of publicity

this publicity is mainly in the form of publicity, Through Shanghai environment station (for publicity.

7. Main ways for the public to put forward opinions

after this information publicity, the public can express their opinions and opinions on the project construction and environmental assessment work by sending e-mail, fax, letter or interview to the designated address, and will not accept opinions and opinions unrelated to environmental protection.

please leave your name and basic information for the public to express opinions (unit or address, education level, occupation, contact information, etc.), so as to make a return visit when necessary. The environmental impact assessment unit will reflect the public opinions in the project environmental impact report and should first browse the "operation manual" and then check whether the attachments, tools and accompanying documents are complete according to the packing list

8. The valid period of information release is

10 days from the date of information release

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