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Panzhihua Shufeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (secondary environmental assessment publicity)

publicity unit: Panzhihua Shufeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (secondary environmental assessment publicity)

basic information of the project: Panzhihua Shufeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. plans to be located in the existing plant area of Shufeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. in Panzhihua vanadium and Titanium Industrial Park on the premise of complying with national industrial policies and Panzhihua industrial master plan, On the basis of the original 20000 t/a rutile titanium dioxide production plant, the 40000 t/a titanium dioxide production line was expanded through technical transformation, forming a 60000 T/a titanium dioxide production capacity. The total investment of the project is 150million yuan, which has been filed by Panzhihua economic and Information Technology Commission (filing No.: [9. check air strike return to zero and energy loss]0062). After the completion of the project, the whole plant will achieve a production capacity of 60000 tons of titanium dioxide per year

the main pollution sources of the project are:

(1) waste gas: titanium slag (mine Luowen pointed out) ball milling dust; Acidolysis waste gas (H2SO4 fog and SO2); Tail gas from metatitanic acid calcination (sulfuric acid mist, SO2 and TiO2 containing dust); Flash drying tail gas (dust), etc

(2) wastewater: water washing, bleaching and washing wastewater of metatitanic acid and coated TiO2; Acidolysis tail gas washing wastewater; Acidolysis tail gas washing wastewater; At the end of calcination, there are also gas washing wastewater from domestic famous material enterprises such as Moxi technology, Jinfa technology, Dongmu new materials, Bowei alloy, Ningbo Yunsheng, Ningbo Huaxiang, etc; Domestic wastewater of employees, etc

(3) noise: the main noise comes from roots blower, mineral ball mill and jaw crusher in the reaction workshop; Operation noise of air compressor and vacuum pump; Filter press noise; Washing tower spray noise; Aerodynamic noise of forced draft fan, induced draft fan, combustion blower with poor anti-interference ability of drying tower; Dust collector fan noise; Operation noise of various water pumps in sewage treatment station

(4) solid waste: acidolysis sludge of titanium dioxide plant; Filter residue; Waste catalyst; Waste acid neutralization precipitation slag; Coal ash; Desulfurization slag (sulfur paste); Coal tar, etc

in view of the above major environmental problems, the enterprise will take economically and technologically feasible environmental protection treatment measures, and finally achieve:

(1) the exhaust gas meets the emission requirements of the secondary standard of the integrated emission standard of air pollutants (GB)

(2) the treatment of sewage treatment station meets the discharge requirements of class III standard of integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB)

(3) adopt corresponding noise elimination, sound insulation and noise reduction measures, make reasonable layout, and strengthen management to ensure that the noise plant boundary meets the class 3 standard requirements of the industrial enterprise boundary noise standard (GB)

(4) industrial solid waste shall be disposed according to the executive standard (GB) for pollution control of solid waste storage and disposal sites

the project will take corresponding pollution control measures for the above pollution sources and pollutants to ensure the discharge of pollutants up to the standard and prevent the secondary pollution of solid waste. By taking reasonable and effective preventive measures for risk devices and setting feasible emergency plans, we can ensure that the risk is within an acceptable level

if you need to further understand the environmental problems related to the project, or want to put forward opinions or suggestions on environmental protection, you are welcome to call or write to the following units within 10 days from the date of this announcement

project construction unit: Panzhihua Shufeng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Lin Jiyun

environmental assessment unit: Sichuan Institute of industrial environmental monitoring

Wang Wei

January 16, 2011

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