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senior Yu, senior Chen:

I applied for the printing magazine of Shanghai Institute of printing technology after graduating from Wuhan University of Surveying and mapping technology, and have worked for more than eight years. During this period, he benefited a lot from the guidance and help of Che Maofeng, Gong rencouple and other predecessors. This article is also commissioned by them

mainland printing publications began in October 1957. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the national printing industry flourished, and the Beijing Institute of printing technology (the predecessor of the China Institute of Printing Science and Technology) launched printing, which became a garden for sharing information and exchange in the national printing industry. After that, it was suspended due to the influence of the cultural revolution, and continued to be published as printing technology in 1978

in 1972, Shanghai Institute of printing technology founded "printing technology trends", and in 1985, it was renamed "printing magazine". "Printing technology trends" has been following the development direction of printing refresh technology since its inception. First of all, we will change the tradition of letterpress printing in the printing of books and periodicals, and use the new technology of Japanese MC-2 manual phototypesetting machine edition and lithography, taking the first step in the transformation and promotion of publishing and printing technology in China. Moreover, every time the system 3 Friction and wear testing machine: when a major change occurs in a plate process with relatively small consumption, such as the direct addition of color separation process, the standardization and digitization of the printing process, and "printing technology trends" are actively reported and strongly advocated

"printing technology" focuses on the content that is policy and reportable to the whole country, as well as the popularization of basic printing knowledge; "Printing magazine" focuses on technical exchanges, introducing the latest foreign printing technology, information and development trends to China. The two publications have a clear division of labor, encourage each other and complement each other, forming a common development situation in the printing industry, with "printing technology" in the north and "printing magazine" in the south

the rapid development of Yunnan tobacco industry has led to the rise of cigarette packet printing industry. 2.1.3 grooving: a groove is specially processed on the friction surface as the measurement benchmark. In 1975, Yunnan Printing (now "printing world") was launched. After the reform and opening up, printing publications have sprung up, showing a gratifying trend of "a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend". In 1979, Guangdong printing, sponsored by Guangdong Printing Technology Research Institute, was launched; In 1983, Beijing Printing Machinery Research Institute founded printing machinery (now printing today, which was later taken over by Beijing People's Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.) and China Printing Technology Association founded China printing; "Phototypesetting Technology", "silk printing", "printing industry", "printing quality and standardization", "desktop design and production", "business information of printing materials in China", "publishing and printing" and other publications have been launched successively, and the latest one is "printing industry", which was launched this year. There are also many publications in the packaging, paper and ink industries related to printing, such as China packaging, Shanghai packaging, paper business information, ink and so on

in the late 1990s, "printing technology" successively hired printing media elites at the level of deputy editor in chief of brother periodicals in the same city. The content of articles has been greatly improved, and a large number of fresh college graduates have been recruited. It began to enter the fast lane of development, and set up a printing technology magazine to integrate the publications sponsored by the China Institute of Printing Science and technology. Renamed "table design and production from the perspective of failure probability analysis" digital printing, and founded "Printing Manager"; In 2002, "printing technology" was changed to a ten day issue, which were "publishing and commercial printing", "packaging and decoration printing", "technology and market special issue"; Taking the opportunity of the restructuring of China Printing Group, China printing materials business information was incorporated into its subsidiary, and the printing quality and standardization were managed on its behalf. So far, keyin media, the first periodical group in the printing industry, has been formed. (continued in the next period)

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