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IMAS introduces crayon plus large print inkjet machine by turning off the oil return valve. Recently, IMAS France, which is the world's leading industrial inkjet equipment, has reduced about 11.36 PCTs year-on-year. Cray has students who have done a questionnaire survey in Colleges and universities. On plus large print inkjet machine is an inkjet machine that uses DOD technology to print one to two lines of simple information on the side or top of carton packaging. Crayon plus is the most cost-effective Large Print inkjet printer in the market at present. Once displayed at the just concluded ProPak China exhibition, this large print printer has won the favor of many customers

crayon plus has the best printing performance among similar products: printing one or two lines of information, with a length of up to 100 characters, and can print various information such as date, time, validity and shift. Crayon plus provides 28 text displays and 9 different character printing, with a total of 22000 Unicode available. This provides a lot of flexibility to all enterprises, especially those producing export products on the C919 aircraft. Crayon plus has a friendly operation interface with a 128 × 64 pixel graphic display. The metal structure of crayon plus is reliable and strong, which can be easily installed on various packaging lines. The distance between the nozzle and the printing object can be up to 15 mm to minimize the adjustment and maintain the printing quality. Crayon plus is easy to maintain and the nozzle is durable. The membrane keyboard is easy to clean and meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Crayon plus uses a push in pressure oil cartridge, which is convenient and safe

with the development and sales of this new inkjet printer, IMAS has further strengthened its leading position in the field of carton packaging coding

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