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2015 China's tire industry "two more than one less"

in 2015, the tire industry was ill fated and encountered the worst operating environment in recent years. 2015 was the year with the most bankruptcies and production stoppages in China's tire industry and the year with the least investment

it is mainly manifested in four aspects: first, the depression of the automotive industry affects the sales of domestic tires; Second, the trade protection of the United States such as "double anti" hinders China's tire export; Third, the implementation of the general technical specification for composite rubber will affect the profits of enterprises; Fourth, the tightening of bank funds in the first half of the year affected the operation and investment of enterprises

2015 is the year when China's tire industry went bankrupt or stopped production at most. According to incomplete statistics, 11 tire projects have been discontinued or bankrupt

according to the statistics of 42 major tire enterprises by the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, in 2015, these enterprises achieved a sales revenue of 137.63 billion yuan, a decrease (year-on-year, the same below) of 13.35%

the total output of tires was 335million, down 5.6%, including 318.3 million radial tires, with a meridian rate of 90.17%, basically unchanged year-on-year. The total output of all steel tyres was 82.5 million, down 6.67%; The total output of semi steel tires was 235.8 million, down 4.52%

in terms of product export, the export volume was 154.6 million, down 8.72%; The export delivery value was US $55.48 billion, down 15.81%

the "double drop" of two export indicators occurred for the first time in China's tire industry. The export volume accounts for 4% of the total tire volume. The heating source is the electric furnace preheated to 750 ℃, and the export delivery value accounts for 36.1% of the total sales revenue. The inflation of China's tire export proportion is still relatively large like a flood

the inventory value of 42 tire enterprises reached 15.74 billion yuan, down 7.97%, accounting for 10.2% of the total sales revenue. Considering the decline in tire prices, it is estimated that the tire inventory is similar year-on-year. At present, most enterprises' inventory has reached the output of enterprises for more than one month. The maximum inventory period of tires is June and July, and the inflection point of inventory growth appears after August

with the support of bearing plate

throughout 2015, the tire price continued the downward trend of the previous three years, but the decline was significantly reduced, especially after the passenger tire hit a new bottom in July, the price stopped falling. Affected by the continuous decline of tire prices and the implementation of new composite rubber standards, the profit margin of tire enterprises fell, hitting a new low in recent years

2015 is the year with the least tire investment in China

the poor operating environment of tires and the continuous decline in profitability have continued to undermine the confidence of tire investment. Most enterprises have lowered their budgets, and new investment projects have been reduced, with only piecemeal supplementary projects. The changes in tire investment were transmitted to the rubber machinery industry, resulting in a serious shortage of orders in the rubber machinery industry

according to the preliminary statistics of the rubber machinery professional committee of China Chemical Equipment Association, the annual orders of the rubber machinery industry fell by 5, the thermal expansion rate was about 0%, and the sales revenue fell by about 20%

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