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Imagine the green future 2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held

imagine the green future 2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held

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Guide: the 2010 (11th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China 2010) with the theme of imagine the green future will be grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center on April 23 and may 2, 2010. The 2010 Beijing auto show was organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Machinery Industry Group Corporation

Auto China 2010 (the 11th) with the theme of "imagine a green future" will be grandly held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from April 23 to May 2, 2010

2010 Beijing auto show is sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Machinery Industry Corporation, China Council for the promotion of international trade and China Association of automobile industry; It is organized by the automotive industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the China National Corporation for international cooperation in the automotive industry, and the China Society of automotive engineers

the organizers formed the Beijing auto show Secretariat, which is responsible for organizing and preparing for the 2010 Beijing auto show

the media day of 2010 (the 11th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition is April 23 and 24, 2010, which is dedicated to receiving visits at home and abroad; April 25th and 26th are professional visitors' days; April 27 to May 2 are public visit days. This arrangement takes into account that the audience can 1. Chinese LCD can use the "May Day" holiday to visit the auto show, providing convenience for the audience from all walks of life

Auto China was founded in 1990 and has been successfully held for ten times. The 20 years since the establishment of Beijing auto show coincided with the rapid development of China's economy under the guidance of reform and opening-up policies. Many multinational automobile companies have successively set up joint ventures and cooperative enterprises in China, bringing advanced technology, management and manufacturing experience to China, which has promoted the vigorous development of China's automobile industry. Especially in recent years, the momentum of independent innovation in China's automotive industry is strong, and independent brands have begun to rise. With the rapid development of China's economy for decades, it has driven the continuous prosperity of China's automobile consumption market. In 2006, China has been called the world's second largest automobile market and the third largest automobile manufacturing country. China's automobile industry occupies a light as heavy position in the global market. In the first quarter of this year, China's automobile sales volume was 2.6788 million, and the automobile output was 2.56 million, continuing to maintain the momentum of steady development. China is rapidly moving towards the world's largest auto production and sales country, and is known as the main growth point of auto sales performance of multinational auto giants. Turn off controllers and computers;, It is the fastest growing and most important emerging market in the global automotive market

in this context, the biennial Beijing International Automobile Exhibition has been highly concerned and actively participated by the Chinese and foreign automobile industry, industry and all sectors of society. Beijing automobile exhibition has been called an effective platform for the Chinese and foreign automobile industry to display corporate image, promote brands, implement strategic release, show advanced cutting-edge technology and R & D strength, and communicate and exchange information. Over the past 20 years, Beijing International Automobile Exhibition has not only witnessed the history of the rapid development of China's automobile industry, but also relied on the development of China's automobile industry and the vast market. From small to large, it has adhered to the exhibition concept and characteristics of "fine exhibits, complete brands and internationalization", and has gradually grown from a general professional exhibition to an important automobile exhibition with brand effect that has a wide influence in the international exhibition industry and the automobile industry, It is called an important exhibition event of the Chinese and foreign auto industry in China every two years

in 1990, 372 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions participated in the first Beijing auto show, with an exhibition area of 20000 square meters, 100000 visitors and 273 exhibition vehicles. It is particularly worth mentioning that at the Beijing auto show in 2004, when local market regulators strengthened the supervision of production sources, international multinational auto companies showed the world's first car at China's auto show for the first time, and regarded Beijing auto show as the world's most important top auto show. It has fundamentally improved the level of Beijing auto show. The 10th Beijing auto show held last year set a number of Beijing auto show and domestic exhibition records: the exhibition was held for the first time in the new hall of the China International Exhibition Center, making the hardware facilities of the Beijing auto show exhibition venue reach the international advanced level, with a total exhibition area of more than 180000 square meters, which is the largest in the history of Beijing auto show. The total number of visitors reached 680000, including 30000 overseas visitors from 108 countries and regions; More than 2100 manufacturers from 18 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, including 225 overseas manufacturers and more than 1800 domestic manufacturers

there were 10120 Chinese and foreign visitors to the site to visit and interview, and a total of 890 vehicles were displayed, including 55 concept vehicles and 7 world-class vehicles of international brands. The 2008 Beijing auto show has been comprehensively improved in many aspects, such as exhibition scale, exhibition hall facilities, exhibition quality, security, publicity, ticket management, on-site services, audience organization, technical exchanges, auto show culture and so on. It has taken a big step forward to the international level, and is generally considered to reach the level of international A-class auto show by exhibitors, media and all sectors of society

as the most authoritative and influential international A-class automobile exhibition in China, Beijing auto show has played an important role in the development of China's automobile industry and the development and research of national automobile brands, and has made positive contributions to the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign automobile industry and the rapid development of China's exhibition economy

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