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IFLYTEK Jiang Tao attended the 2020 Service Trade Conference and talked about the development of the post epidemic era

on September 7, the China intelligent industry forum with the theme of the development trend and opportunities of the intelligent industry in the post epidemic era was held at the National Conference Center in Beijing. IFLYTEK's co-founder and senior vice president of the hydraulic system of the pressure testing machine were invited to attend the forum, He also delivered a keynote speech entitled "Ai helps the development of intelligent industry in the post epidemic era"

this forum is an important part of the 2020 China International Trade in services Fair. Experts, scholars and industry leaders from around the world attended the forum to jointly discuss the role of new infrastructure, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. in the epidemic and discuss the development trend of intelligent industry. The forum was presided over by Mei De'an, Executive Secretary General of the China International Financial Forum, and hongjingyi, Deputy Secretary General of the society of innovators and innovators, delivered a speech as the host representative

The 2020 international trade in services Fair, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing People's government, is the only international, national and comprehensive exhibition in the field of China's trade in services. At this service trade fair, iFLYTEK made its debut in many exhibition areas such as education, culture and Winter Olympics, and took iFLYTEK intelligent learning machine, iFLYTEK hearing and other AI products to the exhibition

I believe that in the next five years, ten years, or even decades, China's intelligent industry will have great prospects. In the keynote speech, Jiang Tao expressed his confidence in the development prospect of the intelligent industry. He believes that in the post epidemic era, China will have more obvious advantages in the intelligent industry, our digital assets will be more solid, the scale of data will be far ahead of the world, and the scale of data assets will have more obvious advantages in the world

a.i. empowering people's livelihood and ensuring the artificial intelligence industry ushered in a new blue ocean

at present, the era of intelligence is accelerating, and new achievements and new technologies of informatization and digitization are emerging one after another, which has become an important force in China's economic transformation and upgrading and improving quality and efficiency. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, artificial intelligence has played an indispensable role, making the war epidemic a technical war related to the whole people. In the post epidemic era, what are the prospects of the intelligent industry and what opportunities and challenges will it face

Jiang Tao believes that the driving force for the development of the intelligent industry comes from the actual results of China's war on artificial intelligence, but also from the bit by bit life changed by artificial intelligence after the epidemic

the new COVID-19 in Beijing in July was accurately attacked by the algorithms of Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It was soon effectively controlled and gradually returned to normal life. Jiang Tao believes that the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in China may become the new normal in the post epidemic era. Through the new normal, we can see that many changes in Chinese society, teaching, diagnosis and treatment and other models, are increasingly accepted by people. As long as there is a suitable A.I. technology to deal with these methods, as long as there is a suitable A.I. technology to deal with it, it will become a valuable process data asset, and we can see the rapid growth of data from education, medical treatment, office and other fields

the epidemic highlights the weak weaknesses in the protection of people's livelihood. It is conceivable that in the post epidemic era, the just needed application of artificial intelligence will usher in a new strategic opportunity. Jiang Tao said

iFLYTEK A.I. + artificial intelligence of war and epidemic helps prevent and control the epidemic. Under the epidemic, the whole society has entered the era of digital survival, especially education, medical treatment, office and so on. Jiang Tao said that the epidemic has caused a serious economic impact on enterprises, but for technology companies that attach importance to online, the annual operation is likely to show a good growth momentum, and iFLYTEK is one of them

Jiang Tao, for example, at the end of last year, Bengbu City in Anhui Province used the overall solution of iFLYTEK Smart Education: let children start from pre class preview, to class in class, to personalized homework after class, to machine collect children's test paper data in the exam, and help teachers correct these test papers. According to children's weak links, let every child not repeat learning, reduce the flooding education mode, and the effect is very obvious, These children have built a high-level graphene manufacturing innovation center during the epidemic period and enjoyed the whole welfare achievements formed by A.I. + education

the effectiveness of the application of smart education in Bengbu is only an epitome of iFLYTEK A.I.'s contribution to the education war. During the epidemic, iFLYTEK took the smart air classroom as the pioneer to launch a solution that can normally carry out non-stop classes and provide AI education products and services for primary and secondary schools across the country, covering more than 6500 schools in 21 provinces, and serving more than 15million teachers and students in total

in terms of medical treatment, iFLYTEK A.I. + medical helps health committees at all levels and grass-roots doctors to build epidemic prevention and control. Assisted tens of thousands of grassroots doctors in the diagnosis, prevention and control of pneumonia in the covered grassroots medical institutions, provided medical record analysis reports, and served a total of 71million people in more than 120 prefectures and cities in 30 provinces across the country; IFLYTEK intelligent medical assistant auxiliary diagnosis system has been put into use in nearly 100 districts and counties, more than 2000 township level medical institutions and more than 20000 village level medical institutions in 11 provinces and cities across the country, including Anhui, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Beijing, Xinjiang and Zhejiang. It provides more than 300000 auxiliary diagnosis suggestions every day, and serves hundreds of millions of people in total. In addition to common diseases at the grass-roots level, a closed-loop management system for critical and infectious diseases has been established

at the same time, iFLYTEK is also committed to promoting the digital transformation of enterprises. IFLYTEK a.i.+ intelligent voice transcribing products enable personal office and continuously improve online office efficiency. That is, when a fault occurs, iFLYTEK heard that L1, relying on iFLYTEK's voice recognition and multilingual translation technology, opened free video conferencing and transcribing translation services to all users during the epidemic, helping intelligent office services have served more than 500000 people. In the post epidemic era, iFLYTEK launched TWS headphones, a voice transcribing product for everyone's dialogue in office scenes, to provide intelligent, efficient and barrier free communication capabilities for online office scenes

we judge that 2019-2022 is the stage of large-scale replication of AI applications, and iFLYTEK has entered the stage of AI strategy 2.0 since 2019. Jiang Tao said that in order to meet the dividend of A.I. strategy 2.0, iFLYTEK maintained high-intensity research and development in the source technology, and did not relax. At the same time, we have grasped every accessible industry or policy dividend, such as the new infrastructure construction in the fields of people's livelihood such as education, medical treatment, medical insurance, etc

the new round of scientific and technological revolution has created new opportunities for the times. The wave of artificial intelligence is giving birth to a large number of new technologies, new products, new industries and new models. IFLYTEK will launch more technologies and applications to solve social needs with artificial intelligence and build a better life with artificial intelligence

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