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IKEA and Neste produce renewable plastic polymers

Neste, a Finnish company specializing in oil refining and renewable solutions, and IKEA, a Swedish home furnishing and furniture giant, jointly launched a plan to develop and produce renewable biomaterials with extremely high cost performance. This cooperation effectively combines IKEA's ability to reduce its dependence on primitive fossil materials with Neste's renewable solutions

IKEA said that by 2020, it will completely get rid of using plastic materials based on primitive fossils and use renewable plastics.

IKEA has repeatedly expressed the idea that by 2020, it will completely get rid of using plastic materials based on primitive fossils and use renewable plastics or plastics made of raw material residues, such as biogas and other renewable carbon sources

Lena pripp Kovac, IKEA's sustainable development manager, stressed that palm oil and derivatives will no longer be used, and the company will begin to use plastic materials in its household product line - accounting for about 40%. As early as 1976, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the company, called resource waste "one of the greatest disasters of mankind." Today, 90% of the waste from IKEA stores and other institutions can be recycled. The long-term goal is zero waste

through the current plan, the two companies are at the forefront of renewable biomaterials at the same time, and other companies are sincerely invited to join

"we believe that cooperation with Neste will open an important channel towards sustainable plastic industrial production." Camilla r? St, manager of IKEA materials and innovation development, said

"IKEA, Neste and partners can use waste to produce bioplastics, which can be recycled in the current plastic pool to fully meet the needs of customers." Said Tuomas hyyryl? Inen of Neste

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