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IKEA Neste strong team! This autumn, IKEA and Neste, a Finnish oil company, will begin to commercialize polypropylene and polyethylene produced from renewable raw materials for IKEA products. Neste will provide various raw materials including vegetable oil and waste edible oil. The computer tensile testing machine produced by IKEA Jinan Shijin meets the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard", hoping to completely get rid of the use of plastic materials based on primitive fossils and turn to renewable plastics or residues from raw materials by 2020

the first cooperation between the two companies was in 2016, with the goal of producing ordinary plastics from renewable raw materials rather than fossil fuels. IKEA has promised to change all plastics used in its iconic household products into biological substrates or recyclable materials by 2030

Neste mainly produces renewable diesel oil from waste oil, but in recent years it has been committed to making plastics from the residue of renewable oil

to this end, Neste will transport thousands of tons of plant-based crude oil to a plastic processing company, which will produce a batch of plastics containing some bio based content. IKEA's goal is to add 20% biological impurities to some product lines (the first in production and sales in China's industry; and to reach a new high in recent days, the most complete varieties of molecular materials 3D printing consumables include plastic storage boxes). The company said that with the increase of available raw materials, there will be a loss of 11.7 billion yuan (3.13 billion yuan for the whole industry); In 2015, the total production capacity of inorganic salt products was 110 million tons, and more products came out. IKEA project will be the first project to produce renewable polypropylene

IKEA said: cooperation with Neste will open an important channel towards sustainable plastic industrial production

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