Troubles caused by the hottest packaging

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Packaging troubles

Holiday troubles all these will cause errors in the test results. Half is fruit and half is foam

this morning, Mr. Gao looked at half a room of boxes and cans at home and worried: there are old people at home, there are many relatives, and the gifts received during the Spring Festival ate the "dry goods", leaving a lot of boxes that are really difficult to handle. See, in these boxes, there are red wine, fruit and seafood, and there are large and small piles on the ground... "There are four or five clean-up boxes containing dried fruits alone, and it's a pity to throw them away! This is purely man-made garbage." Mr. Gao tidied up all kinds of boxes, ready to throw most of them away. He said, "I remember that the fruits sent by relatives were usually packed in plastic bags. Now they are all expensive. A large box with a lot of plastic foam under it makes people feel uncomfortable. If you want to choose a tensile machine jig suit, it seems that friendship is also adulterated."

expert opinion

excessive packaging wastes hundreds of millions of yuan a year

Wang Weiping, deputy to the Municipal People's Congress and executive director of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, calculated that excessive packaging directly leads to more garbage, and from collection to transportation to treatment, it costs at least 158 yuan per ton of garbage. Taking Beijing as an example, 15000 tons of garbage are produced every day and 5million tons are produced every year. If excessive packaging is limited, 17% of garbage can be reduced. In a year, 134.3 million yuan can be saved in the cost of garbage treatment alone. He believes that excessive packaging has four hazards: waste of resources; Generate garbage; Infringe on the rights and interests of consumers; Encourage the social atmosphere of luxury, and at the same time, it is easy to breed corruption. Wang Weiping introduced that foreign countries have the "commodity packaging law", which clearly eliminates the failure of force measuring piston and stipulates that the volume of packaging can not be replaced by PA composite materials, and the metal is greater than one tenth of the packaged material; The value of the package cannot be greater than that of the package; Packaging materials need to be easily degraded; The weight of the package cannot be greater than that of the package. At present, there is no "commodity packaging law" in China. He hopes that relevant departments will enact laws as soon as possible and strengthen publicity to make consumers aware of the harm of excessive packaging. Don't spend too much money on packaging when giving gifts during new years and festivals

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