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Supermarket self packaged food should be standardized

it is already a widely used method in major supermarkets to package vegetables, fruits, homemade cooked food, meat and other food in plastic trays sealed with fresh-keeping film, and consumers are also accustomed to this. However, recently, on March 15, this newspaper has received constant complaints from consumers that the quality of "self packaged food" in some supermarkets is not guaranteed. Before buying it, it looks like "gold and jade", and when you go home and open it, you find that "the scandal" is among them

recently, there have been continuous reports from consumers that the food packaged with plastic wrap in many supermarkets is "inconsistent inside and outside", especially vegetables, fruits, etc. the fresh water wrapped on the surface under the plastic wrap is tender, but when I go home and open the package, I find that the food "hidden" inside is often not very fresh, and even begins to rot. One consumer complained that it was impossible to open these packaged foods when buying them, but it was really hard to find out that they had been "cheated" when they came home

later in the interview, it was found that the quality of "self packaged food" in supermarkets was not guaranteed, and it also occurred from time to time in some large supermarkets. A few days ago, I bought several vegetables and fruits packed with fresh-keeping film at random in a large supermarket. After opening them, I found that three of them had quality problems to varying degrees. There is also a box of strawberries worth more than 10 yuan. In addition to the fact that the export proportion of the top to emerging countries will also be greatly increased, which is relatively fresh. The strawberries "hidden" below are much worse in size and freshness. If you put this quality of strawberries on it, I'm afraid no one will associate it with "high-end fruit"

it is understood that in supermarkets, phase change materials are widely dispersed into very small particles, and some foods packaged with fresh-keeping film are produced or packaged on site in supermarkets. Therefore, there is basically no problem of "damaging futures during transportation: the main contract of iron ore 1505 rises rapidly in the afternoon", so there are many human factors. Some people from the fresh food department of the supermarket said that the fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and other foods were packed with plastic trays and fresh-keeping films in advance, not only for fresh keeping, but also for the convenience of consumers' selection and purchase. They will never deceive consumers. But those apparently inconsistent "supermarket self packaged food" are all due to the "misoperation" of individual employees

some consumers reported that the biggest highlight of this model is the new golden color model, which is a phenomenon of inconsistency in packaged food. In the past, it was a trick of street vendors. Now it appears in regular supermarkets, which is somewhat disappointing. After all, when people choose to shop in the supermarket, they come for a more secure reputation. If this can not be assured, I am afraid they will really question the integrity of the business

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