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self-made shearer Pin Remover of Chongqing Songzao Mining Machinery Plant

self-made shearer Pin Remover of Chongqing Songzao Mining Machinery Plant

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recently, in the comprehensive machinery workshop of Chongqing energy group Songzao Mining machinery plant, the second, third, fourth Five shafts and drum shafts are completed quickly under the action of self-made shearer pin shaft remover

the pin shaft of the cutting section of the 240 shearer is prone to rust and failure under the harsh underground environment and heavy load operation. The staff in the fully mechanized workshop of Songzao Mining machinery plant always use the force reducer, Jack and 600t press to disassemble when maintaining the gear shaft and drum shaft of the shearer cutting section. When the retractor is used to knock and disassemble, the retractor is often broken, which is easy to hurt employees' fingers; When using a jack and a 600t press to disassemble, it is necessary to transport the roller shaft to the 600t pressure airport in the support workshop and erect the roller shaft under the press for disassembly. There are major safety hazards. The whole disassembly process often takes more than 30 hours to complete

with the integration of mechanical maintenance business of Songzao company, the demand for shearers and roadheader is gradually increasing, and the repair progress of excavators is directly related to the raw coal production of each mine. In order to solve this problem, the comprehensive machinery workshop has set up a research team since May this year. Through continuous analysis and summary, it has decided to use the emulsion pump as the power source and the 160mm diameter hydraulic cylinder as the power element to make a shearer Pin Remover. It uses two sizes of steel plates, 30mm and 60mm, and has self-made a fixed platform to fix the cutting part on the platform in parallel. The gears II, III and 4、 The five shafts and the drum shafts are disassembled one by one smoothly, which will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry. After repeated tests "No matter whether external release agent or internal release agent is used, this problem has been solved.

after the production of the shearer Pin Remover, it can meet the disassembly of the pin shafts of the shearer cutting sections of 240, 300 and 418 commonly used in coal mines. Since June, 10 shearer cutting sections have been dismantled every month, and the disassembly time of the pin shafts of each cutting section is less than 8 hours, saving nearly 30 hours. This not only reduces the labor of workers Strength, improve the efficiency of disassembly, and ensure the safety of employees in the process of operation

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