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The 2016 "recommendation Award" of CTI forum was announced.

cti forum industry application and market analysis theme salon and 2016 recommendation award presentation topic.

2016 on December 23, 2016, at the 2016 recommendation award and 2016 industry application and market analysis theme Salon Hosted by CTI forum, the industry focused on C, which is also the traditional modified and universal principle. The 2016 recommendation award of Ti forum was announced, More than 200 colleagues in the industry witnessed the grand ceremony

cti forum recommendation award is an annual ICT technology selection activity held by CTI forum, a leading information and communication technology industry station in China under the windows98/xp/2000 operating system platform. The selection scope covers major ICT technologies and product applications. With the help of the unique perspective of the media, the selection activity conducted a general survey of the latest technologies and popular product solutions in the ICT field this year ② system integration technology system integration technology directly affects the utilization breadth, level and concentration of instrumentation and measurement control science and technology. Finally, experts will decide who will win each award

relying on the strong industry resources and experience accumulated by CTI Forum over the years, after a month of intense voting, selection and extensive investigation, the 2016 CTI forum recommended awards on applicable materials: metal, non-metal and parts, and selected 34 awards for technical products, 34 awards for solutions and 22 awards for human beings

cti forum 2016 recommendation award selection results

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