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It is illegal to sell the old packaged salt at a high price. After the Inner Mongolia Morning Post published the article "salt price rise caused by packaging update" on the front page of November 28, many citizens broke into this newspaper yesterday and reported that some businesses took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters to increase the price of the old packaged salt

Ms. Liu, who lives in Suhu street, said: "when I bought salt in the small supermarket downstairs yesterday, it was still packaged as before, and the price was already 1.3 yuan." Reader Mr. Yun said that he was in a non-staple food retail store in Xianfu street a few days ago. I snapped up five bags of 500g old packaged salt, which I bought for $5 at that time. After reading the news published in the newspaper yesterday, I went back to find the merchant for theory, but the merchant refused to refund and said that he bought the goods at a high price

interviewed Mr. Chen, section chief of Hohhot price inspection office, on the situation reported by the public. He said that the sales price of salt accounts for 10.3% and is strictly controlled by the state. If citizens find that a merchant sells old packaged salt at a high price, they can call price report 12358 to complain

section chief Chen also reminded citizens to find out the current situation of China's lithium battery industry, and keep relevant shopping receipts or invoices as evidence to facilitate the investigation and evidence collection of relevant departments. In the near future, they will work with the industrial and commercial departments to severely investigate and deal with the operators who do not sell salt according to the national pricing

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