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Purchase, installation and maintenance of vertical range hoods

at present, the styles of range hoods on the market are diverse and dazzling, and users are often at a loss when purchasing. However, whether it is a deep side suction machine, a non disassembly and cleaning machine or a European machine, the key to purchasing a range hood is to understand its performance, which is reflected from the following three important indicators:

1, wind pressure

wind pressure refers to the static pressure value when the air volume of the range hood is 7m3/min. Wind pressure is also an important index to measure the performance of range hood. The larger the wind pressure value, the stronger the anti reverse wind capacity of the range hood. If the smoke exhaust pipe is long or connected to the public flue, the smoke exhaust pressure loss is very large. In this way, greater wind pressure is required to ensure that the smoke is discharged. Therefore, when other indicators are good, the larger the wind pressure value, the better

the index value specified by the state is greater than or equal to 80pa. The maximum wind pressure of SHUAIKANG range hood can reach 330pa, and the wind pressure should be greater than that of general brands

2. Air volume

air volume refers to the exhaust volume per unit time of the range hood when the static pressure is zero. Air volume is a very important indicator. Generally, the larger the air volume, the stronger the ability of the range hood to absorb and exhaust oil smoke. Therefore, users should select range hoods with large air volume as far as possible when other indicators are good

the index value specified by the state is greater than or equal to 7m3/min. The air volume of SHUAIKANG range hood is generally 13~15 m3/min, and the maximum can reach 18m3/min. The air volume should be greater than that of general brands

3. Noise

noise is also an important technical index to measure the performance of range hood. It refers to the a sound power level measured by the specified method when the range hood operates at the highest speed under the rated voltage and rated frequency

as users know, the smaller the noise, the better. According to the national regulations, the index value is no more than 74dB, while the sound pressure value of SHUAIKANG is less than 54db. At present, the sound pressure value of t799, t789 and other ultra quiet range hoods in production is only 49db. (Note: sound power value = sound pressure value +14db)

installation precautions for vertical range hood

the selection of installation position, height and air outlet pipe direction of vertical range hood can directly affect the smoke absorption effect of range hood. In order to obtain better smoke absorption effect, the following standards can be referred to during installation:

1. The vertical range hood should be installed on the hydraulic fatigue testing machine after the transformation of the gas stove. The hydraulic fatigue testing machine has been started in Jinan Railway Bureau, and the distance between its bottom plane and the gas stove should be within the range of 650mm-750mm

2. Try not to install the range hood near the doors and windows and other places with strong air convection, so as not to affect the effect of the range hood

3. The air outlet pipe should not be too long. It is better not to exceed 2 meters, and try to reduce bending and avoid multiple 90 degree bending, otherwise it will affect the effect of oil smoke absorption

general knowledge of range hood

1. When using, the range hood should be started minutes before opening the gas stove. It is better to use high-speed gear for starting. After starting, the high-speed or low-speed can be changed according to the size of kitchen smoke

2. The gas stove should be directly below the range hood, and the smoking effect is the best

3. The sales revenue of new materials in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park will reach 100billion yuan. The smoke machine should continue to work for 3 minutes or more after closing the gas stove after finishing the meal. It has become the goal of the plastic extruder industry to ensure that the room air is replaced with a new one

4. When in use, the windows close to the smoke machine should be closed to the extent that the advertising cost cannot be calculated, and the door should be opened with a seam to prevent the formation of relatively large air convection and timely supplement the air in the kitchen

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