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The seminar on comprehensive automation solutions for tank farm was held in Beijing. On November 27, it was learned from the seminar on comprehensive automation solutions for Honeywell enrav tank farm that automatic storage and transportation management has become the development trend of the world's petroleum and petrochemical industry, and China's petroleum and petrochemical industry has also begun to try and explore this aspect

from the current situation, China's petroleum and petrochemical storage and transportation system lacks integrity, and the level of each device and equipment is uneven, which leads to the relatively poor operation efficiency and stability of the whole system. Small scale maintenance is always difficult to break through the bottleneck of system operation, and the comprehensive automation of tank farm special point 1 test completion solution is designed for large-scale tank farm storage and transportation equipment, so as to integrate all kinds of field equipment with the enterprise management system, so as to carry out process operation for all kinds of liquid products in the most effective way, realize the good operation of the whole storage and transportation system, and minimize the operation cost

a complete modern storage and transportation automation management system includes the following aspects: Tank metering and inventory management system, automatic oil delivery control system, oil receiving operation control system, flowmeter calibration system, reservoir process control system, safety control system, fire alarm system, television monitoring system, access control system, etc. These interconnected systems can provide all the management functions for the daily operation of the tank farm, so that the tank farm is always in a safe, reliable and traceable operation state

Honeywell enlav has always been committed to the research of comprehensive automation solutions for tank farms and efforts to promote the development of new materials. Chinese oil companies have also begun to cooperate with Honeywell enlav. Petrochina Lanzhou Xigu oil depot is the first oil depot in China to apply the comprehensive automation solution for the tank farm. The reconstruction project of the oil depot is expected to be completed from April to May next year. Meiyouke believes that many items are advanced and adopts signal transmission pressure. When the test sample breaks, it will automatically shut down and save the maximum breaking strength value The instrument is easy to operate and has high test accuracy. The experimental results are printed out by a micro printer in this project

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