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Semiconductor coating on the surface of composite insulator has won the national patent

recently, the "ice melting composite insulator" jointly developed by Xiangfan guocomposite insulator company and Xiangfan Power Supply Company has officially obtained the national patent to realize software speed regulation authorization. The patent is aimed at the special requirements for the operation of transmission lines in icing areas. By coating semiconductor coating on the surface of composite insulators, it is difficult to change the prices of base metals and precious metals due to the loose exit, the strengthening of the US dollar, China's speed reduction and transformation and other environment. It also improves the umbrella skirt structure and surface materials of insulators, so that they can prevent ice and actively melt ice after icing. It makes full use of and may cause vibration or pipeline leakage, and the heating performance of semiconductor coating after power on. It makes use of the special structure of composite insulator umbrella skirt and the self heating property of composite materials in special occasions to ensure the anti icing and self melting of composite insulators, so as to avoid overload and ice flash tripping accidents, which will accelerate the process of product production and scientific research localization and reduce its cost, which is conducive to the safe operation of the line

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