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The grass is green, the willows are thick, the flowers are fragrant, and the sky is cloudy. In this bright and beautiful summer, German Lang Decoration Wallpaper invites you to smell the fragrance of flowers and taste the romance and classicality of the new series of "poetry of flowers"

when you see Langshi taste the new series of "poetry of flowers", you will sigh: "thank you for these flowers". Their style is fresh and cheerful. The gorgeous flowers and the flowers painted with Witch Hazel Water inject a breath of nature into the room, without the suspicion of over decoration. On the contrary, its style is slightly romantic in modern fashion, using soft and pleasing colors, such as rose, mint and yellow - which is consistent with the "natural" style series of Lang decoration

like Japanese paintings, the colors in these wallpaper patterns are intertwined. This makes the wallpaper look like hand-painted, endows your wall with unique personality, and harmoniously integrates painting and lifestyle. In the "poetry of flowers" series, Lang ornaments also use exquisite star flashing effect and light and shadow changes to subtly foil the flower patterns

the poem of flowers will light up your wall and make it glow with new brilliance. For example, many solid colored wallpapers in this series also use a slight glow to endow the room with a classical decorative style. There are also some solid colored wallpapers with exquisite textile sense and glittering silver spots, which form a sharp contrast with dark blue, pink, gray or dark purple, and are particularly suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms

a wide variety of "the poetry of flowers" series cover from carefully designed flowers and blooming patterns to graphic elements in the 1980s style, as well as a variety of colors such as coral, lemon, apple green and sky blue. These unique designs are lifelike and harmonious with each other. Therefore, patterns and exquisite textures can be properly combined, or various solid color designs can be used to highlight its decorative effect





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