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The sunshine room, also known as the glass room, is a non-traditional building built with glass and metal frames, so as to enjoy the sunshine and get close to nature

today's heavy snow, winter snow everywhere, and various snow scenes from the circle of friends... The winter of 2018 is really coming. Are you ready for winter

the curtains are lazily rolled up, and the sunlight leaks in from the windows and falls on the floor... The neat home in the house, the soft sofa, and the fragrant milk tea on the tea table. Friends from three to five sit around... In the cold winter, such a scene is more desirable

many people's memories of sunshine room should begin with Taiwan idol dramas. In addition to lavender on the screen, there was also a glass room where flowers were planted. Raising flowers, planting grass, watching stars... Records the warm memories of the male and female protagonists, and has since set up a dream of a sunshine room in the hearts of countless girls

sunshine room is also called glass room. It also has a beautiful English name - winter garden, which translates directly as winter garden. The sunshine room is a non-traditional building built with glass and metal frames, so as to enjoy the sunshine and get close to nature

the crystal clear glass and the sunny atmosphere present the complete texture of life in front of you; The gentle arc and straight line penetrate the surrounding of steel and cement to shape the perceptual quality space

every morning, stand in the sunshine room, bathe in the first ray of sunshine in the morning, stretch lazily, and start a busy day

in a busy afternoon, the sun shines through the plants, and the shadows of the trees are mottled; Boil a cup of coffee or milk tea, match it with hand baked desserts, as well as fragrant fruits, and enjoy slow drinks with three or five confidants, enjoy leisure hours, and taste the quiet slow life

at night, lying on the sofa in the sunshine room, looking up at the starry sky. On snowy days, you can see the snowflakes flying all over the sky, and on sunny days, you can enjoy the stars... It's like being in nature. It's a kind of happiness to have beautiful scenery in front of you and lovers around you

Van Gogh said, "my house is bathed in brilliant sunshine. Here, I can live, breathe, meditate and paint."

now, everything he hopes for can become a reality

the design of the sunshine room incorporates artistic exaggeration, uses scientific interpretation and breakthrough, and reveals fashionable style. The combination of the spire and the light seems to create a shining heaven, which makes people feel like a dream rather than a dream. It realizes the intimate contact between the room and the sun, and can create a warm living environment even in cold winter

on a snowy day, how beautiful it would be if you could watch the snow all over the sky indoors! Shidan Bohao sunshine room can meet this little wish

this brand was introduced from Germany by Ruiming in 2002. "Shidan Baihao " is translated from German " steinbach" according to the meaning.

according to the relevant configuration and requirements of the system, the CNC processing center of" German Haomai "woodworking equipment is introduced. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of the German system in production to ensure the quality standard of product excellence. In terms of material selection, the systematic requirements of Germany are strictly followed, and the wood is strictly screened. All the relevant accessories of the product are imported from Germany to ensure the overall quality matching of the product

ten technical advantages

1. Adopt German Steinbach aluminum clad wood system sunshine room system

2. All imported German Haomai BMG CNC machining center

3. Products adopt mortise and tenon connection structure to improve installation quality

4. Adopt German klaes professional software design, and directly transfer the design scheme to the NC Machining Center for seamless docking

5. Shidan Bohao sunshine room covers a wide range, and five series of sunshine room products are patented

6. The wood base rubber strip adopts the secondary drainage structure design to ensure indoor water leakage

7. The outdoor aluminum and wood are linked with high molecular heat insulation materials to improve the thermal insulation performance of the sunshine room

8. The 90 ° corner of the sunshine room is installed at 45 ° to increase the aesthetics of the corner and ensure the consistency of the visible surface

9. The roof beam and inclined beam ensure the wood specification and the controllability and safety of the deformation of the roof wood through the wood's own characteristics and accurate calculation

10. Through the principle of aerodynamics, high and low opening windows are set to realize the convection of cold and hot air up and down, and the indoor temperature is controlled in a comfortable state

series products

scala series

modena series

novara series

terramo series

aluminum alloy ximexx series

used to the cold building of reinforced concrete, choose a warm sunshine room! Bathe in the sun and have a close contact with nature! Get close to nature and embrace the sun

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