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A layered cloth bag, a row of transparent plastic boxes, and a White Checkered parts cabinet. According to the pictures provided by Xiaobian, you will not be disappointed if you move some of the furniture home

archive your clothes

in fact, your clothes can also be classified like documents. Don't think it's strange. A box that looks like a document box can also become your small wardrobe. Put your small items there, which is easy to store

side cabinet also uses the side cabinet next to the bedroom, which is also the focus of your use. Put your storage box under the table, with harmonious color contrast, beautiful and practical, which will certainly save you a lot of space

use the wall to expand your study

in fact, your workbench doesn't need to be too large, because you only need to install a piece of pine board, and the wall in front of the workbench is the extension of your desk. Stick relevant information about your work there, and it still makes you work easily





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