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Winter is the off-season of decoration, and the low temperature is easy to affect the decoration. However, many families want to decorate their new houses as soon as possible after the delivery at the end of the year. For owners who need decoration at the end of the year, they must have a brief understanding of the decoration quotation in advance. Below, Wuhan Decoration editor specially brought a 77 square meter decoration budget schedule of poly qingneng west coast for reference

community: poly qingneng West Coast

area: 77 square meters

house type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration method: half package

decoration quotation: 31000

[poly qingneng West Coast 77 square meters decoration budget schedule]

project I: basic engineering

project types include content, process Total amount (yuan)

wall/ground cement mortar leveling 1400.00

demolition of brick wall (120 mm) 105.00

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 1365.00

light brick wall (240 mm double-sided plastering) 800.00

painting of openings, beam bottoms and other parts after wall removal 60.00

item 2: Waterway and circuit engineering

strong and weak current construction (lump sum price) 4800.00

.Waterway construction (lump sum price) 1550.00

strong Installation of weak current box 50.00

change down pipe (PVC within 50) 444.00

change down pipe (PVC within 110) 378.00

balcony water outlet 300.00

Project III: guest restaurant and aisle

latex paint base treatment (putty) 1740.00

latex paint 696.00

gypsum board linear light trough ceiling 286.88

gypsum board modeling ceiling 345.00

wood curtain box (concealed) (blockboard) 179.30

item 4: primary bedroom

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 900.00

emulsion paint 360.00

gypsum line 224.00

item 5: secondary bedroom

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 600.00

emulsion paint 240.00

gypsum line 192.00

item 6: Kitchen

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 990.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 236.50

kitchen waterproof treatment 270.00

kitchen and bathroom package pipes 182.00

hallway stone paving 50.00

item 7: bathroom

wall tile general specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1045.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 220.00

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 3200.00

toilet waterproof treatment 900.00

kitchen and sanitary package pipes 234.00

door stone paving 25.00

toilet sewer protection works small brick enclosure and coarse sand backfilling. 200.00

item 8: balcony

emulsion paint base treatment (putty application) 80.00

emulsion paint 32.00

General specification of floor tiles (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 220.00

balcony waterproof treatment 270.00

Item 9: miscellaneous

materials upstairs fee 300.00

materials transportation fee 300.00

indoor garbage removal fee 300.00

lamp installation 200.00

sanitary ware installation 150.00

hardware installation 100.00

finished product protection 300.00

ground fixation 300.00

item 10: other charges

Supervisor 999.00

Star foreman service fee 3000.00

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