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In the face of small family houses, do you feel helpless? In fact, if the small family houses are well decorated, they also have a good overall effect. In addition, with the rising house prices, more and more people choose to buy small family houses. Small apartment decoration has become a hot topic. Although the area of small apartment is small, it has all kinds of internal organs, but many people will worry about how to decorate the living room. If you also want to decorate your small apartment, you might as well read more information about small apartment. Next, let's see how the living room is decorated

how to decorate the small living room

first, change our vision from furniture

the design focus of the small living room is to be practical, there is no need to only pursue a gorgeous appearance, but to learn to use our limited space. Now, the furniture style with simple design, atmosphere and practicality in the market is the best to decorate our living room. Because this design style is not only practical and convenient, but also brings us beautiful results

second, storage, increase our space

if the design of the small family living room is unreasonable, our space will be messy and crowded. Put it away! Using all the space we can use, we can choose storage chairs, TV storage cabinets and so on to bid farewell to our crowded era

third, color adjustment makes the living room look big

for the small living room with dark decoration, we should start from the color of the space at this time. For example, paint the wall a little lighter, and try to use furniture with simple and generous colors like white. In this way, the space will look more spacious

IV. double the space by decorating the mirror

the living room is originally small, how to extend the space through the mirror? Don't worry, in this mini space, you can change your style through mirrors, and you can also have different styles and moods

small living room decoration skills

first, small space should be used “ Light decoration &rdquo

if there are cabinets everywhere in the small room, it also reduces the living space. Instead, it's better to use the decoration money to buy some better furniture. The so-called “ Light decoration ” The decoration concept advocates that under the limited budget, the practical function of home space should be based on furniture configuration, which is the primary focus of decoration, and the decoration of sky, ground and wall belongs to the supporting role of space decoration. Small space reduces the fixed and cumbersome decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live freely

second, furniture is best placed against the wall

living room furniture is best placed against the wall, which can make the living room appear spacious, and can also set aside appropriate moving lines in the living room area where residents are more active, which not only makes the living room layout appear very orderly, but also avoids the unsmooth feeling caused by unreasonable moving line design

use light tones

third, the living room should be kept clean

the small living room is originally very narrow. If you want to make the small living room look spacious, you should first keep the living room clean. Therefore, when we purchase furniture, we should choose more storage cabinets to make the space have stronger storage function, and we can't see any sundries visually

IV. furniture and furnishings should be small, few and refined

generally speaking, furniture and furnishings should be selected and followed “ Less but better ” Principle of. Usually, those furniture with simple shape, light texture and small volume, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will, are more suitable for small family living rooms

v. the living room is best decorated in an open style

the living room is decorated in an open style, which can increase the space of the living room. Or it is also a good choice to use the storage cabinet with storage function to separate the space that needs to be separated

VI. skillfully use the background wall of the living room

in the decoration of the small family living room, you can skillfully use the background wall to make it not only decorative, but also has a powerful storage function, so that the background wall of your living room is beautiful and practical

VII. Use more light colors

light colors can expand the visual space effect. Therefore, when decorating the living room, you should use more light colors. It is good to decorate with some simple ornaments appropriately. Too much miscellaneous decoration will only make the living room look miscellaneous and narrow

VIII. Compact layout

the layout of small family living room must be compact, which can highlight “ Small ” The warmth of turns shortcomings into advantages. Because the layout of the living room is relatively tight, it is best to choose cold colors for furniture and decorations, because cold colors will make people have a backward visual effect to avoid crowding the living room

IX. the best color is the combination of two monochromes

the most taboo in the decoration of small family living room is the diversity of colors, which will make the space appear messy. If you want the small family living room to have a simple and lively decoration effect, the combination of two monochromes is the most appropriate, such as the combination of white and red; Black and white combination; The combination of white, blue and bright colors can be selected by the owners according to their preferences

summary: after reading so many relevant materials about small house decoration, we also have a deeper understanding of small house decoration. Netizens can flexibly use the skills about how to decorate the small living room. It will be better to decorate according to the living habits and aesthetic needs of your home. For more information about living room decoration, please continue to pay attention to information




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